Lucia: What am I feeling right now? Right this second.
Beto: You're afraid. And guess what Luc, me too.
Lucia: The thing is I don't know how to raise a baby or be a parent to a 12-year-old.
Beto: Me neither.
Lucia: You do, too. You're better at it than I am. Good at it in fact.
Beto: Alas, something I'm good at it. Look mommy and papi weren't much older than us when they came here, and they managed. With a lot less than we had. Just two bags --
Both: --a $50 bill and a Spanish-English dictionary.
Beto: They figured it out. So will we.
Lucia: How do you know?
Beto: I just do.

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Party of Five Season 1 Episode 1: "Pilot"
Party of Five
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Party of Five Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Javier: There must be some mistake. We've been at this establishment for 18 years.
ICE Agent: I see, so you think the rules don't apply to you?
Javier: Officers have been here before. There's never been a problem.
ICE Agent: Well things have changed, Mr. Acosta. Let me see your papers.
Val: Mommy!
Gloria: Everything is going to be alright, mi amor, OK?
ICE Agent: I'm not going to ask you again.
Javier: I don't have any papers.

ICE Agent: We're not here for your employees, Mr. Acosta. We're here for you and your wife.
Javier: I don't understand.
ICE Agent: Let me see your papers, Sir.
Gloria: Did do we do something wrong?
ICE Agent: You Gloria Acosta?
Gloria: Yes.
ICE Agent: Let me see your papers Ma'am.