Vega: The only way to take him off the streets for good, is to catch him red handed with his victim.
Dash: By using her as bait? What if you mess up? Huh? What if you can't stop it?
Vega: I will.
Dash: I didn't realize you could see the future too.

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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 2: "Mr. Nice Guy"
Minority Report
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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Arthur: Our only power, that we have in this world, is what we see Dash. We need to use it, not throw it away on strangers.
Dash: I'm trying to save lives.
Arthur: Yeah I already did that, during the decade we spent in the milk bath.

Blake: I've been cleaning up your mess all week on the Rutledge case.
Vega: Mess? I stopped a terrorist attack.
Blake: Yeah and you killed two suspects without your body camera operational. The feds are asking questions.
Vega: Like?
Blake: How you did all that, alone?