Oi, so if I'm reading this right this teenager's your son and the new missing baby is your granddaughter? Did you piss off a gypsy, mate? Get your whole brood cursed? The killer is targeting your family.


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Constantine Season 1 Episode 8: "The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 1"
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Constantine Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Anne Marie: Something stole a baby. It killed the mother. It ripped into her.
Zed: What just happened?
Constantine: I told you she's not here. Ripped how? Teeth or claws? This thing have fangs, fur?
Anne Marie: I don't know.
Constantine: Then how do you know there's not a mortal explanation?
Anne Marie: I wish it had been human. I would have gone to someone else for help. Anyone else.
Constantine: And what's stopping you? There's plenty of occult experts in Mexico.
Anne Marie: They don't owe me, you do.

Constantine: Come on love, you're skipping all the juicy parts.
Anne Marie: No, I told you exactly what I saw.
Constantine: You can't just sit there in a bloody nun's habit and pretend we don't have nothing to cover. I always figured that one of us would flee to Mexico, but I thought there'd be tequila involved; or skinny dipping.
Anne Marie: More jokes. That's incredible; that what happened to Astra didn't change you at all.