The Doctor: Could you pause all sales protocols for a bit?
Twirly: Even the upselling?
The Doctor: Even the upselling. You've just had a nap of about 200 years so your offers are out-of-date anyway.
Twirly: Without upselling, my only purpose is delivery.
Graham: We don't need you to do that either, mate.
Twirly: The future is very confusing for my protocols.

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Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 7: "Kerblam!"
Doctor Who
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Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 7 Quotes

Jane Maddox: [looking at The Doctor's bio scan] What? Two hearts?
The Doctor: Courtesy of the First Lady. Very good health care policy. Don't like to talk about it.

Dan: Mornin' Les! How're the family?
Kerblam! Man: Good morning, Daniel. My name is not Les but I acknowledge your amusing co-worker banter.
Dan: Every morning. So much for machine learning.