The Sentinel: Perhaps you're right; I should know more about humanity. But truth be told, my head aches.
Cotton: That's called a hangover. What you need is a hair of the hound that bit you.
The Sentinel: No hound bit me, and I don't eat hounds or their hair.
Cotton: Well, it's an expression. A metaphor. You see, another thing you don't understand about us is that we often times say one thing to mean another. We use nonsense to make sense.
The Sentinel: You're right, I don't understand and you're making my headache worse.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 8: "Friday's Knights"
WGN America
Seth Gabel
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Salem Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

John: Tell me you don't enjoy his touch.
Mary: I cannot command my body, but my heart felt nothing. It curdled inside me every time he touched me. And I had to endure it and beg for more. Why? For us, John. Are you really as dense as he says you are?! The only reason I'm going to Tituba is to learn about the weapon; she's a Seer. If she knows a way to stop this...this bomb, we won't need Sebastian and I can cease this charade once and for all.
John: Even after he protected you in that house, you don't feel any fondness or affection for him?
Mary: Not a drop.

Thomas: Could I offer you food or a drink?
The Sentinel: I have no taste for food but drink, I like. It briefly restores loss of wings.
Thomas: Try this.
[They drink]
The Sentinel: [Gasps]
Thomas: Gin.
The Sentinel: It burns...I like it.