Jack: I can’t believe he chose her as captain. I can’t think of a worse leader.
Ben: Stalin? Mussolini? Kim Jong-Il?
Jack: Well, you wait. She’ll put them to shame.
Ben: Come on, man. Bishop’s good at her job. She’s a little intense, yes, but she’s not a monster.
Jack: And she basically stole the job from her best friend.
Ben: No, no, she got promoted. That’s not stealing the job.
Jack: Look, Maya is a team of one. The only back she has is her own.
Ben: You sure this isn’t about you and Maya?
Jack: That has nothing to do with that.

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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 4: "House Where Nobody Lives"
Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Jack: Yes, that was me on the Wheaties box. Thanks for noticing.
Travis: Boy, you’re awfully blonde for a captain.
Vic: I’m tall, and I’m serious. I haven’t smiled since 1990.

JJ: Hi. Long time, no houseboat.
Dean: What is that?
JJ: Ugh, I know. I’m super fat ‘cuz I’m having a baby. It’s yours by the way. Is this an OK time?