Tandy: It’s all people like him understand. Strength. Resistance. You have to choose to fight back. You have to refuse to be a victim, and you have to take away their power.
[Tandy notices the ambulance; Leah shocks her with a taser and Tandy collapses]
Leah: Sounds like a plan.

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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 5: "Alignment Chart"
Cloak and Dagger
Olivia Holt
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Tyrone: How did this happen?
Tandy: Way too quickly. I went in for ... the other Brigid, but Connors was there. She tried to kill him, I protected him, and I was blown back out. I grabbed for her, I swear, Ty.
Tyrone: But instead you freed the man who killed my brother? He could be anywhere now. He could be after Brigid ... my parents.
Tandy: Okay, so we find him!
Tyrone: Look, how could you let this happen?!
Tandy: I got screwed too, Ty. Okay, I went in there to get leads on the a****** responsible for what happened to those girls and I got zero.

Connors: Tyrone Johnson. I’ve been waiting for you.
Tyrone: Bet you have.
Connors: I ... I want to help you.
Tyrone: With what?
[Connors slides gun to Tyrone]
Connors: By putting me behind bars.