You're gonna bob and weave out of the bath of a bullet? That I'd like to see.


I'm sure an ex-con turned informant is exactly what she's looking for.


Bartender: Wouldn't it be easier just to buy a new hat?
Raylan: Probably, but I ain't looking for easy.

I already got one ass kicking. I'm not looking for another.


I understand you two are in the security business. And, as you can see, I need some.


Winona: You're a little old to be fighting, aren't you?
Raylan: Certainly too old to be losing.

I didn't order assholes with my whiskey


You seem pretty stable. Although, you did spend all morning with a shiv up your ass.

Raylan (to Wallace)

Chief Mullen: You want a lawyer?
Raylan: Until 20 seconds ago, I didn't think I needed one.

Are you going to walk out of here? Or is this going to have to go a different way?

Raylan (to Bo)

Bo Crowder: Howdy Marshall, I sure am glad you could join us
Raylan: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not joining you. You were just leaving.

Chief Mullen: Just what part of under investigation confuses you?
Raylan: So many things confuse me, Art.

Justified Quotes

There ain't enough money in this world worth crossing the Bennetts over.


"There's a third option, we just get to it right here and you die in the car. Any takers? Ok, then.