Tituba: Anne Hale...I warned Mary Sibley about you long ago. I told her to drown you like a kitten in a well.
Anne: Well, lucky for you she didn't because I bring good news.

Cotton: If I enter Hell, you will spare the world your degradation?
Anne: Oh no, Husband! Let's not be greedy. Nothing can stop the plan my dark lord has for this world. You would save every life in Salem, even the life of your true love. What's her name...Harmonia? Desdemona?!
Cotton: Gloriana!
Anne: Don't you want to spare that pitiful whore an agonizing death?

Anne: I know, dear Cotton, I know. Terrible. Awful. Evil incarnate. You've opened my eyes, dear husband. I was the perfect wife and yet you still preferred the company of a whore. Well, the pain you caused me set me free from all my slavish craving for the world's approval.
Cotton: Anne, whatever your hatred for me do not let that be hatred for all the people of Salem. Minutes they will all die, but there may yet still be time. Please...please let me out of here before it is too late.
Anne: Oh, you may yet save Salem, dear Cotton. You and I both know what a dissolute weakling you really are. But when I release you, you will have the chance to be that great man everyone believes you to be.

Mary: You would damn generations to hell on earth because of your own bitter heart?!
Anne: You are absolutely right, I would. Happily. I would turn the earth into a bitter desert in the very image of my heart!

Anne: Yes. Of course, that is what we women are to you -- a good woman is a half-doll-half-angel and a bad woman is but a hideous fiend. Well I will not be your angel doll a second longer, even if I could. I would rather be a fiend...a great fiend!
[Magically throws sewing needle]
Anne: You shameless hypocrite! You...who persecuted and executed so many innocents. You...who murdered your own father. You...who sang the worst sin of all is a lie. And your entire life is a lie! Every time you climbed the pulpit after a night of drunken debauchery, you lied to everyone, or is lying merely another privilege reserved for men?!

Anne: Mercy?
Mercy: In the flesh.
Anne: But what are you doing here?
Mercy: You know what they say, "The only women in this world with any real powers are whores and widows."
Anne: So, you became a whore?
Mercy: Give it time...I may yet become a widow.

Anne: Your bastard child would've been born out of wedlock and Cotton would have had no choice but to turn his back; deny his upstanding name to both of you. So you see, this is for the best for everyone.
Gloriana: You stole the life from inside me. God will strike you...
Anne: God will see one of his kind creatures saving another!
Gloriana: Lie for your own ear's sake. But you and I both know what kind of creature you truly are!

Mercy: You'll owe me for cleaning up your mess...and congratulations.
Anne: What?
Mercy: I sense a yawning emptiness in her womb. All is fair in love and war, if there's really any difference.

Trust me, Gloriana. This baby is as important to me as it is to you.


Cotton: The Devil wants me to be his biographer, to recount his glorious failed rebellion against the "tyrant" God. It is a cosmic joke!
Anne: But I am grateful that he has spared you, almost as grateful as I am...that you spared me.

Cotton: I want nothing! I want nothing from you.
Anne: But there is nowhere for you to go.
Cotton: Boston. I will tell them the awful truth about Salem and they will raise this town!
Anne: Tell them everything?! Then they will hang you for the murder of your father.
Cotton: So let them hang me! So long as they believe, I will tell them all.
Anne: Cotton...no!

Anne: You did it, my love. You did it! I didn't know what you were going to say. I thought I'd have to watch you die right there.
Cotton: There was a moment when I knew the devil had won, and I had fallen out of God's world and into his. And then I saw you. The face, the love, the light shining from it. And then I knew in that instant that even if I was in the dark and Godless universe, there was still love. There was still you.

Tamzin Merchant Quotes

Anne: I gave you a simple test and you failed. I left you free to move and speak. If you move or speak against me, Brown Jenkins feasts on your insides.
Cotton: You have me in a prison.
Anne: No, dear Cotton. I have a prison inside you. Now come to bed.

Anne: My love for you rules all that I do.
Cotton: If this is your love, I hope never to see your hate.