Reggie: We were celebrating Fang’s arrest.
Archie: That’s not something to celebrate, you idiot. He didn’t do it.
Kevin: Archie, he had a knife on him.
Archie: Okay, we’re not having this argument, you guys. The Circle is officially disbanded.
Reggie: That’s not your decision to make, dude. You’re not the one paying us, Hiram is.
Archie: Wait, Mr. Lodge is paying you?
Reggie: Yeah. He’s the one that suggested we go out and have a little fun. He said you might’ve started The Dark Circle, but it was mine now.

Veronica: Are you okay? Whether or not The Black Hood is back, I don’t want “Death Wish Archie” to come back.
Archie: You saw that note, Veronica. Written in Midge’s blood. If The Black Hood is going after victims who escaped him, that means my dad is next, or Moose, or Betty, or you, or me. It could be anyone.
Veronica: That’s exactly why I need you sane and steady right now.
Archie: I am. I will be.
Veronica: Promise me you won’t patrol the streets or break into Svenson’s house.
Archie: Ronnie...
Veronica: It’s just, I can’t bear the thought of anything bad happening to you.

Kevin: Okay, Veronica, I’m obsessed with everything that just happened.
Veronica: Thank you! It helps to be off-book and in full costume.
Betty: Don’t be so modest, you are the literally embodiment of Chris. Never has a role been perfectly typecast.
Archie: Betty!
Veronica: What was that, Betty?
Betty: I mean think about it: Spoiled rich girl, check. Major daddy issues, check. Bad to the bone, trying to control everyone around her, including her boyfriend and best friend. Check, check, check.

Mary: I don’t suppose you can tell me: What was so important that you couldn’t be there for your dad?
Archie: Believe me, I had every intention of going.
Mary: You used to worship your father. You used to play music. You, Jughead, were inseparable. But I’m looking at you now, and I don’t know who you’ve become.
[His phones rings]
Mary: Who are you, Archie?

Archie: Mrs. Lodge, I...would never ever do anything to betray your family. I swear.
Hermione: So you’ve proven to me these last few weeks. Hiram and I, unbeknownst to our daughter, enlisted one of our closest associates to approach you, say he was an FBI agent investigating Hiram. Agent Adams isn’t real. He works for me. One of my capos. I asked him to apply a lot of pressure to you, threaten your father even. See if you would crack.
Archie: Wait, this whole thing, it was all some kind of test?
Hermione: Yes, it was...and you passed. Welcome to the family, Archie.

Archie: The man who ordered the poutine. I overheard him at the poker game and I think he’s planning something bad. He said you’re getting sloppy and...and that action needs to be taken. I’m telling you, Mr. Lodge, so you can protect yourself in case there’s some kind of coup.
[Hiram turns around slowly]
Hiram: Thank you, Archie. You can go back to the party now. Check on my daughter. I hear she’s having a good time.
[Archie leave and Hiram sits at his desk]

Hiram: What are you waiting for?
Archie: Mr. Lodge, it’s not funny.
Hiram: Come on.
[They wrestle and Hiram puts Archie in a chokehold]
Hiram: This is a symbol of a disrespectful and powerful move. When your opponent gets cocky, dominating your rival, demoralizing him is the key if you want to win.
[He leans in whisper to Archie]
Hiram: Get the message? I. Always. Win.

Archie: There’s one more thing. If you’ve been following me around for a while, you must know about The Black Hood.
Agent Adams: I do. Nice job.
Archie: In your expert opinion, Agent Adams: Do you think we got the right guy? I haven’t told anyone about this, but I’m not so sure we did.

Archie: Your instinct about Svenson were right, Ronnie. You thought he was The Black Hood. We could’ve ended it, right there at school where we confronted him. I didn’t see it...I...I...I didn’t see it in his eyes.
Veronica: Forget his eyes. I can’t believe he cut off his own finger.
Betty: The finger of accusation.

Archie: Ronnie! What I said it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to say it back to me.
Veronica: But it does, and it should. And, for whatever messed up reason, Archie, whatever deep seeded issues I have, I can’t let myself go there with you. Sorry. I’m so sorry.
[She gets in the car and leaves]

[Each reading from The Black Hood’s letter]
Sheriff Keller: People of Riverdale, I have rid this town of the drug-dealing child killer and others like him.
Cheryl: Now you must choose your fate. The next 48 hours will be a test and I will be watching you very closely.
Archie: Show me you are pure of heart and my work ends. Continue to sin...and I will take out the sword again.

Archie: Jughead, calm down.
Jughead: Calm down?! Archie...Riverdale just became a police state.
Archie: Mayor McCoy says the Serpents are the ones dealing jingle jangle.
Jughead: Serpents don’t deal that stuff. The Ghoulies do.
Archie: So tell Mayor McCoy that.
Jughead: Oh, Mayor McCoy...Mayor McCoy just arrested my friends for no reason.

K. J. Apa Quotes

Betty: I'm not gonna ask what you did with Veronica at Cheryl's. I'm asking you now, right now, if you love me, Archie, or even like me?
Archie: Of course I love you, Betty. But I can't give you the answer you want.
Betty: Why?
Archie: You are so perfect. I've never been good enough for you. I'll never be good enough for you.

Veronica: I'm filled with dread.
Archie: Why's that?
Veronica: Are you familiar with the works of Truman Capote? I'm "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but this place is strictly "In Cold Blood."