Tandy: The light can’t be good for the migraine.
[Tandy throws out daggers and hits Melissa, Mikayla and Mina]
Andre: You missed!
Tandy: I wasn’t aiming for you.
[Mina, Mikayla and Melissa go back to normal]
Tyrone: How did you know it was going to work?
Tandy: A wise man once told me they’re made of hope.
[Tandy dishes out a large light ball]

Tandy: Do you think we can do it?
Tyrone: What’s that?
Tandy: Be good … be heroes … be divine impaired in other places?
Tyrone: Let me answer that question with another question.
Tandy: And what question is that?
Tyrone: Waffles or pancakes?
[They stare at each other and smile]
Tandy: Waffles, duh.
[Tyrone offers his hand and Tandy interlocks her fingers with his]

Adina: Are you in trouble? You need to be laying low, Tyrone. People are looking…
Tyrone: Mom, stop, I’m fine! I can take care of myself.
Adina: I know that you can, Tyrone. I know that. It’s not you I worry about, it’s everyone else.

Tyrone: Tandy, what do we do?
Andre: Nothing. There’s nothing you can do. Pretty soon there will be nothing that no one can do.
Tandy: What do you want?
Andre: An audience. One big enough that I can draw enough of their despair so I can hit a blue note.
Tyrone: What’s a blue note?
Andre: It’s what separates a man from a god.
[Tyrone turns to Tandy]
Tyrone: You didn’t tell me he was insane.

Tandy: Why did you come to that motel to try and save me?
Tyrone: Because I couldn’t imagine my life without you.
Tandy: I did. Andre ... he made me see you dying in front of me. And the one person in the whole world who understood me was gone and it was my fault.
Tyrone: He messed with my head too. He made me feel like you never cared about me, like it was all just an act.
Tandy: Maybe you’re right. Maybe it is better to ignore everything? All I know is I’d rather fight a hundred times with you than without you. So if you’re staying here, so am I.

Tyrone: You’re really good at this.
Tandy: Damn right! You know, I was never much of a gamer, but I’m starting to think that I missed my calling.

Baron Samedi: Look!
[A bouquet appears in the glass shelf]
Tyrone: Hey, what is that?
Baron Samedi: A wedding bouquet. And you, my boy, are the bride’s price. A life for a life. A bouquet for the cloak.
Tyrone: But I ... I don’t understand.
Baron Samedi: Time for you two to scat and take your friends with you. The missus likes a clean house.
[He snaps his fingers and they teleport away]

Tandy: I couldn’t swim to shore by myself, but you saw me. Nine years old and you dove in to save some random girl. You saved my whole family in the process.
Tyrone: Okay, you’re over-hyping it.
Tandy: I’m not! That whole crash made my folks get their s*** together. I mean now look at them. You saved us and you STILL want to keep on giving.
Tyrone: So?
Tandy: So, compared to that, what am I doing with my life?
Tyrone: Right, “Prima Ballerina” hasn’t accomplished anything?!
Tandy: Ha-ha.

Tyrone: What is going on right now?
Tandy: Her name is Leah. She can help me find someone, I think her ex boyfriend might know something about the scumbags taking those girls. But, order for her to tell me more, I need common ground.
Tyrone: So, am I your boyfriend or your pimp?
Tandy: I mean either one will do.
Tyrone: So, you called your Black friend?
Tandy: No, I called my best friend! Ty, come on, if it were you, you would do the same thing for me.
Tyrone: I wouldn’t use you or lie to you or break a promise to get you out.
Tandy: I didn’t break a promise. You cut me loose, and you didn’t even need me.
Tyrone: You’re right. From the way you’re acting, maybe I don’t need you at all.
[Tyrone walks away]

Connors: Tyrone Johnson. I’ve been waiting for you.
Tyrone: Bet you have.
Connors: I ... I want to help you.
Tyrone: With what?
[Connors slides gun to Tyrone]
Connors: By putting me behind bars.

Tyrone: How did this happen?
Tandy: Way too quickly. I went in for ... the other Brigid, but Connors was there. She tried to kill him, I protected him, and I was blown back out. I grabbed for her, I swear, Ty.
Tyrone: But instead you freed the man who killed my brother? He could be anywhere now. He could be after Brigid ... my parents.
Tandy: Okay, so we find him!
Tyrone: Look, how could you let this happen?!
Tandy: I got screwed too, Ty. Okay, I went in there to get leads on the a****** responsible for what happened to those girls and I got zero.

Adina: So, this Evita, how does she know so much about vampires?
Tyrone: Her father owns one of those voodoo shops in the Quarter. She does those tours, you know.
Adina: Yeah, I know. I’ve never been on one. How many have you been on?
[Tyrone laughs]
Tyrone: Hey, don’t worry about that.
Adina: A mother needs to worry about that.

Aubrey Joseph Quotes

So, um, I’m not sure if you can hear me. I could just be talking to nothing. What’s happening to me? Are you doing this? Because... I don’t understand and I can’t control it. I can’t control myself. You always had the answers. You knew what to do. What should I do? Tell me and I’ll do it. I miss you so much. I’m trying to be like you but... I’m failing and... I’m flailing. I’m cursed.


Tandy: Are you trying to kill me?
Tyrone: No! Why would you ask that?!
Tandy: Because you have a gun in your hand.
[Awkward silence]
Tandy: Wait, you’re that kid...from the party. The graveyard. The beach. You shot at me!
Tyrone: That wasn’t meant for you.
Tandy: Then who was it meant for?!