Elizabeth: It's our own bosses. They were going to fake my reports, make it seem like Gorbachev was trading away secrets at the summit. The people I trusted all this time. Now. [shakes head]
Stan: Do you know Oleg Burov?
Philip: Who is that?
Stan: Don't bullshit me Philip. We arrested him today pickin' up a dead drop. He said the message was about people in the KGB trying to get rid of Gorbachev. He told me that message had to get back to Russia.
Elizabeth: That message has to get back home.
Stan: I could care less who runs your country.
Philip: Stan, these people, if they're not stopped? That's our whole country. That's our whole future. That's the world and whether we get to live in peace or not depends on that. We have to tell them what happened here because if that dead drop didn't go through, we're the only ones who could stop this now. I don't know why you should trust me. You should hate me. You... you should probably shoot me, but we're getting in that car and we're driving away. I wish you'd stayed with me at est. You might know what to do here.

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The Americans Season 6 Episode 10: " Start"
The Americans
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The Americans Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Elizabeth: I killed a KGB Officer, left her to die in the street.
Philip: What were you supposed to do?

Philip: Henry should stay. He's been doing so well there. His future is here.
Elizabeth: Leave him? Is that what you mean?
Philip: It's the best thing for him.
Elizabeth: To be alone? Away for us? That would not be the best thing for him.
Philip: He belongs here.
Elizabeth: He belongs with us!
Philip: We're doing it for him.
Elizabeth: Philip. They would tear him to pieces.
Philip: He doesn't know anything. This is where he grew up. It's awful but...
Elizabeth: [chokes back a sob]

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