Max: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It will be terrible. After awhile, it will still be terrible. But it will hurt a little less.
Mitch: That's beautiful. Can I cross-stitch that on a pillow?

Max: You just stabbed your girlfriend in the neck with my tranquilizer dart. I think I deserve some answers.
Mitch: Well, I deserved a childhood free from chupacabra stakeouts, but we don't always get what we want.

What kind of crazy compound is my son working on now?


Jackson: I know that you lost ten years of your life to one of these things, Mitch, and you probably hate it, but if we can get under the hood, there's no telling what we can learn about Abigail.
Mitch: I'm more concerned about how you're going to get it back to the plane. Let's get Logan to do it!

Jackson: Clem, you're carrying a baby that could save the world. There is really nothing more important than you right now. Look I get it. Ten years ago, I was in your shoes.
Clem: Pregnant?
Jackson: Carrying the cure in my blood.

Isn't it enough you just accidentally shot me in the neck, you have to pretend to care about my happiness, too?


Jamie: OK. Leanne's in her office. Let's see who killed her.
Logan: You know, if it turns out to be you, I'm going to be very disappointed.

So you're pregnant, huh? That's cool.


You know, most people, they just worry about running into their ex at the grocery store not arresting them for murder.


Jackson. He chose Jackson.


Clem: My baby and I will have a normal life.
Mitch: You and I both know that's not possible. That baby will be the opposite of normal because it's the most important thing that's happened in an awfully long time.

Mitch: Why didn't you tell me what was going on?
Clem: You had a lot going on.
Mitch: Clem, you are the only pregnant woman in the entire world.

Zoo Quotes

Mitch: The amazing thing about jellyfish is they eat, poop and procreate all from the same orifice. Kind of like you, Max.
Max [laughs]: If I could do that, I'd never leave the house.

They were raised in cages. In a way, they're kind of the victims here.