Perry: I got to go pick up something from my ex-husband.
Mo: I don’t think I’ve ever dated a divorced guy before.
Perry: Turns out this is the flip side of marriage equality.
Mo: So what are you picking up?
Perry: Oh just my kids.
Mo: As in little baby goats?
Perry: As in humans who are 9 and 7.
Mo: Oh, interesting.
Perry: That’s not something I usually bring up right away unless I like someone. Is that an issue for you?
Mo: No. You liking me, I like that part.
Perry: Well, the kids and I are kind of a package deal, and I’m in the stage in my life where I’m not just looking for some hookup. So, you have my number. Feel free to call me if I didn’t just scare you away.

Maggie: Your dad loved parties. So I tried to step outside my comfort zone for him and the truth is some of those parties turned out to be my favorite memories. So, are we gonna stay up here in wallow, or are you going to do this party Mitch style?
Zoey: Excuse me, what are you doing?
Maggie: I may have already started drinking. I’m just trying to embrace the moment.
Zoey: Dad would be so proud.

Zoey: I don’t know what the worst part was: How they sang together, how they danced together, or how Max looked at her, singing and dancing together.
Mo: I get it. I hate when I see white people dance too, but when’s the last time you and Max talked about your relationship status?
Zoey: What are you talking about?
Mo: Well, clearly, he’s thinking of somebody else, and to be fair, you’ve also been thinking of somebody else.
Zoey: I have? Who?
Mo: What about that cute Australian boytoy of yours?
Zoey: OK, we’re just friends.
Mo: And there’s not a day that goes by that you and Simon do that little dance you do.
Zoey: What is your point?
Mo: OK, defensive. All I’m saying is you can vibe with whoever you want to vibe with. I mean what are the rules on your pause?
Zoey: There aren’t any that I’m aware of.
Mo: So, you’re mad at Max because he broke rules that don’t exist.
Zoey: I’m not mad. I am maybe a little but surprised that he had those feelings for someone else.
Mo: Oh so you thought he was gonna sit around and wait for you to make a decision?
Zoey: It sounds unfair when you put it like that.

Max: I almost didn’t bring it because I was worried you’d think it was too much. Careful, it’s heavy.
Zoey: “A Moment Like This”? Max, it’s our song.
Max: I would say it’s America’s song.
Zoey: It’s perfect. Thank you. This means a lot to me. you mean a lot to me, and I want you to know if you’re having feelings for Rose…
Max: Zoey.
Zoey: No, no, no, it’s OK. The last thing I want is to hold you back, so if you want to pursue something with her, it would be wrong of me to get in the way.
Max: I appreciate that, and I guess it would also be wrong of me to get in the way of anything you want.
Zoey: I don’t want to lose you. I know that much.
Max: Hey, it’s fine. We’ll figure it out, like we always do.
Zoey: Yeah, ‘cause it’s us.

Aiden: So what did you think of my song?
Zoey: It was flattering, maybe not the best choice for my birthday party, friend.
Aiden: Well, I just wanted to let you know how I felt. Since that day together, I just can’t stop thinking about you, and it probably makes no sense to you, but I keep having these melodies in my head. I feel like I'm being haunted by music.
Zoey: Wow, yeah, that’s wild.
Aiden: So are we gonna…
Zoey: It’s not gonna happen.
Aiden: Right, ‘cause your friends are all here, and you have to play host. I get it. Call me later.
Zoey: No, we’re not going to happen. You are a very free-spirited young man, and I am about to be 30. So, we’re just in different places.
Aiden: Right, OK, very well. Good luck finding another Australian boyfriend who plays guitar and has this hair.

Emily: I still don’t understand how you didn’t realize it was a creepy lust anthem about your sister?
David: I thought the girl’s name was Ginger, and he didn’t sing that ending until tonight.

Zoey: Even if it was a thing, I wouldn’t need a whole week. I don’t need a whole day. It’s so soon after dad, I don’t want people making a fuss over me.
Maggie: You’re turning 30, and it is a big deal. You know what your father would say if he were here right now.
Zoey and David: Bigger moments, bigger memories.
Maggie: That is correct. I’m sure he’d be setting up the fireworks display and hurrying a marching band.
Zoey: Putting a jumpy castle in the backyard..
David: That was the best 21st birthday a boy could ever ask for.
Zoey: OK, I guess it wouldn’t be the worst idea to honor his legacy with an engagement that some might classify as a party.

Mo: Thoughts?
Perry: You’re good to go, but you probably didn’t need a certified fire marshal to come all the way out here for that.
Mo: Better safe than sorry, right?
Perry: It is, but if what you wanted was to see me again, you could have just asked me on a proper date.
Mo: Huh? Could have done that.
Perry: I would have said yes. Hope to hear from you soon.

Zoey: I feel like we should talk about where things stand. What the rules of engagement are for our current pause and just make sure, we’re following the same protocols.
Max: OK, feels natural. Is there any particular reason?
Zoey: Well, I heard you sing a heart song last night at Maximo’s, a sexy duet with Rose.
Max: Rose and I sang together?
Zoey: Yeah, well clearly you guys have feelings for each other, right?
Max: I don’t know. This is all news to me, and honestly, I’m still trying to figure it out, but as usual, you’ve already downloaded my innermost thoughts right into your brain. Also, why are you even asking me? Are you ready to stop our pause ‘cause I’m happy to have that conversation, but if not, then I don’t know what we’re doing here.
Zoey: I’m just trying to make sure that we’re not messing it up, you know, messing us up. I think it’s important for both of us to be clear about our expectations when it comes to other people right now.
Max: OK, what other people are in your world right now, Zoey?
Zoey: I had this one flirty thing with this neighbor kid. He’s not a kid, exactly, but also a thing is way too strong a word. It was basically nothing now that I’m talking about it, but in the spirit of this honest conversation, I feel like I should mention that maybe I’m starting to have feelings for Simon again.
Max: I’m sorry, what?
Zoey: Nothing has happened, and I don’t know if anything will happen.
Max: I don’t like the sound of that.
Zoey: Well, it’s not about what you like, Max. I’m just trying to be mature and honest with you about what I’m feeling.

Leif: I’m confused. Why are you being so nice to me?
Zoey: I don’t know. Because people have been bending over backwards to be nice to me for the past few months, so it’s my turn to return the favor to you of all people.

Zoey: So, I noticed you seemed pretty distracted by that girl Kaia calling you.
Leif: Of course you noticed that. Whatever superpower you have, I want it.
Zoey: It’s yours. Take it.

Zoey: How exciting is this?
Max: Yeah, so exciting. Did you order a meal that needs to be assembled in a laboratory?
Zoey: Oh that’s for Leif. It’s from Marlowe B’s. I’m helping him recreate this date of his that very badly by ordering all the things he would have ordered if she hadn’t bailed on him.
Max: Zoey, this meal came in a crate with dry ice and an instruction manual. This is our opening night. Do you want it to be our last night?
Zoey: I’m sorry. I’ll assemble it. I got a 5 on my Chemistry AP. No worries.