Skeezy; Why didn't you ever say anything?
Sketchy: I didn't think I had to.
Skeezy: I love you.
Sketchy: I know.

Sketchy: She bit you.
Skeezy: Am I gonna tan?
Sketchy: No little buddy, you're gonna Z.

You have to get up. You have to keep moving. Everything depends on you.

Dr. Teller [to Warren]

Sketchy: If things get hairy-
Skeezy: Scream like a porn star.
Sketchy: Something like that.

Negativity is infectious, man. Like a virus.


Kaya: What do you want? Tell me!
Citizen Z: I want to see my boy.
Kaya: Simon?
Citizen Z: Kaya.
Kaya: Jay Z, it's your father. Look at what the zombie dragged in.

Who are they? Zona, whatever that is.


Citizen Z: Zona soldiers just attacked us. They stole files.
Murphy: Zona? Are you sure?
Warren: Files? What did they take, exactly?
Citizen Z: Not sure. They covered their tracks.
Kaya: They were after old floppy discs. We're not sure what was on the discs, they were damaged. All we know is the name on the label of the files. Black rainbow.
Murphy: Black rainbow?
Warren: Black rainbow's real.

Sometimes Taco Tuesday fights back.


Warren: How do you know you're doing something good, or you're just delusional?
Louis: I don't.

Look at these two hosers. Take off, eh?


Murphy: What I felt, what you've been feeling. You been feeling that this whole time?
Warren: Yeah.
Murphy: Whatever it is, are we going towards it, or away from it?
Warren: I don't know.

Z Nation Quotes

Let's not cry because she's gone, but let us smile because she was here.


Citizen Z: I need to speak to Lt. Hammond.
Addy: Hammond's dead.