I'm the Reset.


Where I'm going, no one can follow.


Murphy: Wow! My mind is officially blown!
Doc: I told you Bigfoot was real!

Black Rainbow, when 3 strikes isn't enough.

Government Scientist

Eaten by your own Secret Service detail. That's some messed up shit.


Citizen Z: Black Rainbow is a biological weapon of mass destruction. It's a fourth strike weapon meant to kill anything left after an all out nuclear war.
Warren: The Reset. That's what Zona was working on. Killing everything so that THEY could start over. That must be what black rainbow is.

I think I know whose kid this is. It's Dr. Teller's kid.


Sarge: You sure this Dr. Teller's a good guy?
Murphy: They were trying to cure the zombie virus, instead this happened.
Doc: Thanks, science.

It's a puppy!

Jay Z

10K: I just wish I knew if Red was still alive.
Doc: Well, maybe she'll be waiting for us in Newmerica. Wouldn't be the first time she came back from the dead.

Oh crap. Not this place again!


You have to get up. You have to keep moving. Everything depends on you.

Dr. Teller [to Warren]

Z Nation Quotes

Let's not cry because she's gone, but let us smile because she was here.


Citizen Z: I need to speak to Lt. Hammond.
Addy: Hammond's dead.