It would be easy to blame Candace, and I do, but what is life without Love? I guess I'm going to find out.

Joe Voiceover

Candace coming here crosses a line. I need a new plan. If you think about it, she's already living on borrowed time. She resurrected like some sort of ginger vampire. To suck my life away. Dealing with her is nothing but balancing the cosmic scales. It's not safe her walking around free. She's dangerous not just to me. To your brother. To you.

Joe Voiceover

Love: What do you want with Will?
Candace: His name is not Will. It's Joe Goldberg. He's my ex-boyfriend. I know this sounds crazy, but I am telling you the truth. He attacked me, and almost killed me.
Love: He what?
Candace: And he killed the girl after me.
Love: Is this some kind of joke?
Candace: I wish it was. I only came here to protect you.

Delilah: I just want somebody to hurt like I'm hurting.
Joe [touching her shoulder]: Is this okay?
Delilah: Oh hi, look at you asking for consent. Being fucking woke. Gold star.
Joe: I'm sorry he hurt you.

Did you just mansplain and patronize me in the same sentence? Thanks for the D, Will. Bye.


I appreciate how you aren't racist against gingers.


Forty: Holy fuck. No way.
Love: What?
Forty: Hold on.
Candace: What happened?
Forty: Now they're saying Henderson was murdered.
Joe Voiceover: Benji, Peach, Beck, Ron, Jasper, Henderson.
Candace: Well, if that's true a famous man line Henderson they'll catch who did it. He won't get away. Murder has a way of following you.

Joe: I'm not afraid of you anymore. If you really had something on me, you would have turned me in already.
Candace: I'm not afraid of you either.
Joe: Why would you be afraid of me? Candace, it was an accident. End of story. I never tried to kill you.
Candace: You know what they say? You never know if you're fight or flight until you're forced to find out. Turns out, I'm fight. So now I've found you. I'm not going anywhere, and I don't care what you tell yourself because all I have to do is wait for you to mess up. Murder has a way of following you, and you're not getting away with it.

I'm sorry, Will. My sister's a little upset, and she's also a bitch. 


Love: My dad is going to love that shirt.
Joe Voiceover: I know. I do my research.

Candace: What am I supposed to do?
Officer: He thinks you're dead. You want really off the record advice? Stay that way.
Candace: This is unreal 

I don't think I've ever been in love before. It's been infatuation. This is it. Accepting you're not perfect and loving you more for it. 

Joe Voiceover

YOU Quotes

A guy needs to protect himself. I had to make sure you're safe, and your name was a glorious place to start. Not a lot of Guinevere Becks. And there you were, every account sent to public. You want to be seen, heard, known, and of course, I obliged.
Born and raised Nantucket Island. A brother Clyde and sister Anya. Your parents really were assholes about the names. Your folks split when you were 12. Your dad dropped out of the picture.
Went to Brown where you majored in Lit. Cool. And minored in douchebags. Eh. And then on to NYC to conquer an MFA, and make your mark presumably. Now you still write, barely. Too busy living out moments you won't remember five years from now. I know this because you post about this life all the goddamn time. Candidly, it's the least appealing thing about you, Beck.

Joe Voiceover

Beck: At the end of the day people really are disappointing, aren't they?
Joe: Sometimes they surprise you.