Jamie: Workin' with them is a deal with the devil, dad.
John: All the angels are gone, son. There's only devils left. At least they admit it.

Kayce: Hey. How are ya?
Monica: I'm lonely, Kayce.
Kayce: I can solve that problem.
Monica: [chuckles]
Kayce: I miss you.
Monica: Yeah, I miss you, too.
Kayce: You, uh, you want me to come over?
Monica: Yeah, but you can't. I just wanted to hear your voice.
Kayce: I love you, Monica.
Monica: I wish that was all it took.

Beth: Let me ask you, Attorney General Elect, do you find Jamie's knowledge of the rape prior to it happening culpatory in any way? I'm concerned about what happens if they ask him to testify.
Cassidy: Uh, I think attorney/client privilege recuses him of that.
Beth: Even if he was aware of a crime before it happened?
Cassidy: Are you saying a crime was intentionally committed?
John: There was no crime. Not the time, not the place.

Jamie: What the fuck are you doin'?
Beth: I'm going to get you disbarred you spineless piece of shit. You should never have come home.
Jamie: You told me to come home!
Beth: Why on earth would you ever listen to me?

John: Kayce! If you find anything, don't confront anyone. Call the sheriff for backup. Everything by the book.
Kayce: I don't know the book.
John: Well, that's why you call the sheriff son; it's their book.

God sure finds interesting ways to put people out of business.


Deputy: I had no choice!!
Kayce: Yeah, you keep tellin' yourself that!

John: Who pulled the trigger?
Kayce: I don't have a gun.
John: Not what I asked.

John: Was it justified?
Kayce: He had a freaked out kid pointing a shotgun at him. It was justified. Was it right? Right and wrong is so far from this place, I don't think it factors in at all.

John: I told you to call the sheriff for backup!
Deputy: We did sir. We did multiple times. And the requests were denied, but it was still my call.
John: My God. There's no good choices in a situation like this, Steve.

Donnie: What'd I say, John? One fuckin' day on patrol! One day, that's what...
John: [punches him in the face] You gave me your word, Donnie, and you broke it!
Donnie: This over a fuckin' cow, John. A fuckin' cow!
John: It's not over a fuckin' cow. It's over you not givin' backup! You denied the request! Jesus Christ. A show of force may have changed this whole fuckin' thing. So you want to blame somebody, then you blame yourself you son of a bitch.

I know how we can help John Dutton.


Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

John: Who died?
Jamie: Not who, what.

They don't work with you Kayce; they work for you. And these are questions you should be asking your father.