Kaycee: Rip ain't nothing but a bully.
Beth: No, he's not a bully, Kayce. He's exactly what our father turned him into. What do you think he's turning you into? Boy, it sure was easy for you to walk away from a life that you worked so hard to build.
Kaycee: Beth, she doesn't want that life anymore.
Beth: Let me guess. She left you because she was afraid of you turning into him. Instead of proving her wrong, you come here and you take a crash course in how to do it.

Tate: We're moving?
Monica: You like it?
Monica's father: Where you moving?
Monica: Run a bath,buddy, outside.
[Tate goes]
Monica: The university offers housing for faculty.
Father: What about Kaycee?
Monica: It's closer to Kaycee.
Father: That's not what I mean. You gotta really think about the decisions you make, honey.
Monica: I have thought about it. It feels right. For Tate and for me.
Father: Remember this. You two were married in ceremony, not in some courthouse. Ceremony. That means you're married to him in the afterlife. No matter what you do in this life, you two are stuck together. Want to decide something? Decide how you two are going to work it out our you two will be miserable forever.

Beth: Rough day at the office?
Kaycee: It was hard, but good.
Beth: What happened?
John: Let's not talk about work at the dinner table.
Beth: Did you meet with the governor yet?
John: What'd I just say?
Beth: What would you like to talk about, Daddy? What should we share? He's been up since 4 AM working. You go to bed at night thinkingabout work, wake up doin' the same. If we don't talk about work, we have nothing to talk about. Are you suggesting we eat in silence? Is that what you want?
[John sighs]
Beth: Are you shushing me, Daddy? I am a 35-year-old woman. When we sit at a table I will talk about whatever the f** I want.

There ain't no fighting on this ranch. You wanna fight, you come fight me.


Lloyd: What the hell is going on?
Rip: Just a little reminder. They might let us stay here gettin' old and dusty, but all we are is tools to them. That's all we'll ever be.

John: You haven't mentioned her,Kaycee. Or Tate. Or why you're not living with them.
Kaycee: What good's talking gonna do?
John: It'll get you a plan to get them back.
Kayce: Plan's not gonna change how somebody feels.

Cowboy: Fence work don't suit you?
Walker: Don't nothin' suit me about this place.
Cowboy: Where you headed?
Walker: You know the deal. Gonna just wander around til the next job finds me.

Dean: Day one and you're already winning hearts and minds.
Monica: That mind is far from won.
Dean: It's not lost, either.

What you know of history is a dominant culture's justification for its actions, and I don't teach that. I'll teach you what happened to my people and to yours, because we're all the descendants of the subjugated, every one of us.


Girl: You the teacher's aide?
Monica: No, I'm the teacher.
Boy: I saw this video on Porn Hub and this is exactly how it starts.
Monica: Misogyny. How refreshing. If you work in a Pocohantas joke, you'll hit the trifecta.
Boy: Well now that you mention it..
Monica: What's your name?
Boy: Trent.
Monica: Can you tell me the definition of power, Trent? Hmm? It's the ability to direct or influence another's behavior.or course of events. That's what I have. I can remove you from this class and fail you or I can send you before the Dean for violating the student code of conduct. These are all things that can alter the course of YOUR life. That's power. And you don't have any.

Beth: This is how many acres?
Man: 324. Price is 4.9.
Beth: What motivated the sellers?
Man: They tried to spend the winter here.
Beth: Right. Offer 3.5. No escrow, cash, 7 days close.
Man: Don't you want to see it first?
Beth: I'm seeing it now.

Kaycee: Maybe a little too soon to come home?
John: Yeah, I could say the same to you,
Kaycee: What's that mean?
John: It means you don't fight, Kaycee. Wranglers get worked over, let the wranglers handle it.
Kaycee: How am I supposed to sleep in the same room with men I won't defend?
John: You aren't. I'll fix that problem too.
Kaycee: You gonna walk home now? I don't even know whose field this is.
John: Me neither. Ten years ago I did. I think I finally understand you, son.
Kaycee: Yeah? You wanna explain me to me, I'm all ears.
John: You know, there's bein' scared to die, son, and know when it's comin;. When you know it's coming, tomorrow stops factoring into your decisions cause you know you're never gonna see it, and then you live. You realize you ain't dead and you're not gonna die and you gotta face all them decisions you made. And out of all that you gotta figure out how to let yourself start living again.

Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

[Kaycee drives over a pothole] Kaycee: Sorry. Didn't see that one coming.
John: Jesus. What are you, aimin' for them?

Keith: I did my best to straighten your incision. Looks like your vet used a bread knife. Well, it's healing. Soon you'll be free to terrorize small children at the rec center's pool.
John: Yeah.
Keith: Not a joke. I want you swimmin' twice a week. With an instructor.
John: Oh for God's sake, I know how to swim.
Keith: You don't know how to swim the rehab biz. My office will put you in touch with a rehab counselor. You know, you're in this situation because you didn't listen to your doctor. He saw a mass on your lung and told you to get a CT scan. And now you've just had major surgery for what a pill could have fixed.