Get out of here you gorgeous idiot.


I'm my own damn weapon, and I'm about to leash all of this.

Jesus, Coconuts!

And here I was hoping to not be dead for a few more hours.


We need a plan, and we need it fast because this sucker's coming out of my vagina. Yeah, Jeremy. My vagina.

Little gay Waverly is a little judgey, but I like the sass.

Oh, look, sister. An Earpitizer for both of us.


Check what's left of your soul. We're on the same team.

Doc [to Dolls]

I don't want to be a dick, but I can outdraw you anyway, anyhow.

Doc [to Dolls]

For God's sake, somebody put a lid on that thing.


Are you going to make a demand, because if you're going to make it, make it now before I shoot that compensating mustache off of your face.


Beth: I can feel him. He's coming.
Mercedes: Good. It's like our wedding night all over again.