Shay: Sorry. I'm not her doctor. I'm a doctor.
Waverly: Nice to meet you. Are you a friend of Nicole's?
Shay: Sort of. I'm her wife.

Widow Mercedes: Where is the seal?
Nedley: Did you try up your ass?

What are you? A witch? A Pokeman?


Doc: What are the chances you will sit this one out and allow me?
Wynonna: Somewhere between not a chance and stick it.

Every step is an adventure in discomfort. Miracle of life my ass.

Is this your thing? Cute but annoying?

Rosita [to Waverly]

Perfect is overrated. If everything was perfect champagne wouldn't have bubbles.


Doc: If you break the seal then I start to die.
Wynonna: Only as much as any of us.

I'm pregnant, not helpless.

With a great belly comes great responsibility.

The ring is the key to my immortality.


Wynonna: Sorry I was a no show.
Rosita: Just try not to miss the actual birth.
Wynonna: Can I do that?
Rosita: Physically impossible.
Wynonna: Figure it out, slacker. I thought you were good.
Rosita: Oh, I'm phenomenal.