Vince: Did you see the two gay guys cake topper?
Will: Yeah.
Vince: We had to buy two straight couples and break them apart. So if you know any lesbians getting married, tell them we have a cake topper.

Will: It's two minutes of his time. What could possibly go wrong in two minutes?
Grace: Ask every girl who ever got pregnant at her prom.

I know something's wrong because you're over plucking your eyebrows. You look like an extra on Orange Is the New Black.

Grace [to Wil]

We're just friends, it doesn't matter what I look…Why is my head on Betsy DeVos’ neck?

Grace: It always amazes me how gay guys stay friends with all of their exes. I’m not friends with any of mine.
Jack: Grace, romance is different for us. A date between straight people sometimes leads to sex, and sex between gay people sometimes leads to a date.
Grace: Well put.

I know this is extreme, but we are not dealing with a normal person. She is not like us, she is a total whack-a-doo. Alright, here is a key to her apartment. I secretly made a copy 15 years ago and I keep it on me at all times in case Will ever goes missing and I need to search for his body. Remember, whack-a-doo.

Val: You mean you'd really go to lunch with me?
Karen: Well, sure. I mean you're nuttier than a tree full of squirrels but we do have the same blood type and that could come in handy.

Grace: I know what it is. There are people who throw themselves in front of expensive cars trying to get money out of rich people.
Jack: I heard the same thing on FOX news so you know it's a true fact.

Larry: I'm in love with Will and I want to shout it from a mountain top.
Grace: Or bury it deep inside you and just cry in the shower like a normal person.

Despite that his only office skills are crying and scrapping booking, it's nice having Larry here.

Jack: You sure we can't take you to the hospital? It's the least we can do.
Karen: Actually, not running her over would have been the least we could do.

Jack: That songs been stuck in my head for days.
Will: Well, sing something different.
Jack: You don't think I didn't think of that! That thing swats away other songs like Lindsay Lohan swats away second chances.

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I'm sorry, I guess some people age like an anchorman and others like a meth head mother of nine.