Will: I can't believe you shot me.
Frankie: Oh suck it up, you said it was OK.

I would be an asset to you, and you know it. I don't care who I work for as long as the checks clear.


The Trust isn't just planning one attack. It's planning dozens.


Ray: If I had my gun I would've shot him in his smug face.
Frankie: Damn, Ray. First time you looked attractive.

Frankie: I wouldn't start with me. I had a day.
Ollerman: There she is. The ruthless assassin. I'm so glad you didn't follow through with that kill order.

I must say you two are adorable together. The suppressed tension is right there below the surface.


Standish: I don't go anywhere without my laptop.
Will: OK. I think Standish is in shock.

Agent Chase done with his pep talk? I always used to love those. Shall we? We have a schedule to keep.


We need to pick names for secret Santa.