Little piece of advice from your old friend, if somebody tries to write your story for you, don't let them. End in on your own terms.


Payback much like Tina is a bitch.


Ray, I really like you, and I would be very upset if you died.


Consider your ass dumped.

Standish [shoots Tina]

War brings chaos. Chaos brings profit.


Frankie: You know if we ever fought for real, I bet it would be pretty close.
Susan: Oh please, I would kick your ass.

Will: You're sleeping with Ray.
Susan: You knew?
Will: I'm a spy.
Susan: Will, I'm so sorry. It just happened.

You think you know me? I'm the one who killed Emma. I watched her bleed out on the concrete. I watched the life go out in her eyes. And I will do that to you.


Frankie: Standish your girlfriend sucks.
Standish: Yeah, I know.

Will: Hey, you cold?
Frankie: I'm good.
Will: You wearing my underwear?
Frankie: I don't want to talk about it.

Frankie: Why are you smiling?
Will: Me? I'm not smiling. This is my face. I have resting smile face.

No, no, Benson is a nobody. Daniel runs the cartel.


Whiskey Cavalier Quotes

Alex: This is the FBI, there are no private moments. Look, we all know this is a pretty rough breakup.
Will: Well it wasn't that bad.
Alex: Son, we have the footage.

Hello, Dr.Conrad. Very punctual. I like that in a traitor.