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You run this thing with your mom? That’s adorable. Just you and your mom. Named Nancy.


Burnt Orange. I see numbers in colors. I'll explain later.


Zoya needs to go Nancy, she's a plague on both our houses.


Andy: How'd you get that?
Shane: I walked in and printed it out.
Andy: He's good.

You run this thing with your mom? That's adorable.


Shane: I can do this.
Nancy: I have to get this. Don't fuck up.

Babe, these are cops. I'm a drug dealer. You're a murderer. We can't all play on the same kick ball team.


I’m sorry, you might want to go away because I don’t like you. And I have a bad habit of losing things I don’t like in fires.


Once upon a time, you sold dime bags at local sporting events. But now! Oh, wait. You’re selling dime bags at local sporting events. A somewhat circular journey, no? A spiral?


Heylia lives in the middle of a pygmy tree forest with Dean Hodes and a shotgun, so I’d really rather not take her advice.


You’re not dumb. Yeah, Shane got other things, but you’re sweet and so good-looking and not a murderer, which puts you squarely in the lead. So yeah, I kept you in the dark for much of your life but you gave me stretch marks, so we’re even.


I don't believe in you. You have no business plan. This is a terrible location for foot traffic and you don't even know if the wheel is street legal in the United States.

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Weeds Quotes

Shane: You're not a bad influence on being a drug dealer.
Shane: You're a bad influence because you're a bad drug dealer.

I'm the suburban baroness of bud, Nancy.

Nancy Botwin