Chris: Ugh! We were supposed to do Advil, water and a banana before bed. What did we end up doing?
Reagan: Frozen pizzas, pina coladas and front porch cigarettes oh God!

Honey eight years ago I didn't think that it could get any better than just the two of us, but now it is. This diamond was for us, but this new one is for Amy. Reagan will you marry me?


He's perfect. When you die he will be mine but don't worry I wait six months out of respect and I'll keep a photo of you on top of the piano.


One time I was checking out this really old lady at the pool when my pants Pinocchio told me a small lie. It was a sexy surprise.


Just for the record, you caught me at my most hirsute. It's not the summer months.


Chris: She's blasting West Side Story.
Reagan: Yeah she does that so the intruders think there are guys rumbling with knives and stuff.

I just was so just in the moment you know? I was so drunk and in love and I just dropped to my knees and I blurted out will you marry me?


We are going to finish this no matter how ugly we look. Look at us Reagan! We're keepin' it real!


Shayna: I have been on an 800 calorie a day diet of sea grains for six months!
Ava: I have been sober for 80, hours.

If I wasn't chemically lobotomised right now, I'd really feel for you.


To be honest, when I first agreed to sponsor and run in this event I was not super aware of what a K was.


Reagan: A milkshake kind of defeats the purpose of exercise.
Ava: I'm carbo-loading for my 10K against literacy.
Reagan: For literacy.

Up All Night Season 1 Quotes

Who knows, maybe I'll get the old Nordic Track out.


Reagan: Stop saying baby in there, like there's a baby hiding in the closet with a knife or something.
Chris: Why are we whispering?