I haven't eaten anything in the last twelve hours except two Jack n' Cokes and a pocket full of Craisins.


Chris: No joke I fell asleep while packing.
Reagan: Did you also fall asleep while putting on your clothes Honey because you're wearing a deep V and my pregnancy pants.
Chris: I thought I was wearing capris.

Reagan of course I think you're pretty and sexy. Did you have a lower face replacement?


Hooray for second chances!


Walter: Ma'am from Webster was one handsome lady. I wonder what she's up to.
Reagan: Search engine!

He just snubbed me for Final Cut Pro.


Why don't you just go get us some drinks okay? Noting muddled, nothing infused, just two white wines... and whatever it is that you want!


Chris: Everybody knows that a short iron is better for beatings.
Reagan: Do they?
Chris: Hillary, I want you to dial nine and then one. If stuff gets real, then double down on that one.

Wow that's a cute jean vest you got going on there. Did you distress that yourself?

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