Jay: It’s your favorite kind off finale, everyone’s a loser.
Rachel, what happened to you? This is not the girl who came back this season.
Rachel: Maybe it is. It's who I’ve always been.

You’ve touched my heart. Now it makes sense for us to be together. I love you, Rachel.

Dr. Simon

You can forget about the job, Rachel. This is exactly where you belong.


And the Suitress chooses the greatest love of all... herself.


There’s no version of this job or any relationship with you that will be healthy for Rachel, ever.

Dr. Simon

Chet: I’m beginning to think there’s something to that whole double standard thing you go on and on about. This town really is tougher on ladies!
Quinn: You think?

I don’t want to be with you anymore, Rachel. You’re a stain I have to live with for the rest of my life, but I’d rather be alone than with you. You're gonna be alone forever and I think that’s best for everyone.


You know what happens around here, SLUTS GET CUT!


It’s the “Brave Single Dad" versus The Wall Street Wolf."


Chet: I’m in love with someone else. I’m in love with Quinn!
Crystal: She hates you and she’s OLD.
Chet: I know!
Crystal: But I did everything right. You mean I sucked your shriveled old balls for nothing?

Quinn: Anything you decide to do, you will explode and shine. You are a star.
Rachel: I don’t even know who I am anymore.
Quinn: You are a dark twisted wreck, Rachel Goldberg. And I’m going to miss every bit of it.

Fiona: What are you doing?
Madison: Pitching. Do you want me to stop?
Fiona: Not yet.

UnREAL Quotes

Welcome back to reality, Rachel.


8 weeks if you're lucky, one night if not.