Spending the night with a woman is easy. And I do like sexual variety. But with whom does one spend the day? A long, long day. Now that is the challenge. And there is only one woman for me.

Getty [to Penelope]

This isn't business — this is my son!

Gail [to Fletcher]

We need to get out of here.

Angelo [to Paul]

Uncle: You were not expected.
Primo: No one expects a surprise.

Getty: So what are you saying? This business is not a hoax? My grandson really has been kidnapped?
Fletcher: What I'm saying is that when people start getting killed, whatever it is, it's not a hoax anymore.

Kidnapper: So, how much would they pay for you?
Paul: I don't know what I'm worth.

Oh, come on. For his own grandson? He wouldn't. [pause] Well, yeah, he would.


That's women for you. When they get you under their spell.

Luigi [to Paul]

Paul: Look, I go to London looking for a few thousand dollars, but those assholes wouldn't give it to me. But I'm worth millions, right? I'm John Paul Getty III. Hundreds of millions. I'm gold.
Martine: So?
Paul: So? You all knew, you were all cashing in. So now I cash in.
Martine: But what are you cashing in?
Paul: Me.

Jutta: Fuck off! You're John Paul Getty.
Paul: Yeah! I'm not my father, I'm not my grandfather, I'm John Paul Getty and John Paul Getty's got no fuckin' money!
Jutta: Please. You can get it just like that.
Paul: That's what you think? That's what you all think.

You think cocaine is free, like the bread and olives on the table! Every time I hear, "Getty will pay, Getty will pay, Getty will pay." So now, Getty pays, cazzo. $6,000.


If this goes wrong, if you betray me, I swear I will throw you from this, just like the Old Romans. Do you understand?


Trust Quotes

I am his girlfriend. They are decoration.


Nice? It's a Rubens, boy. He had a team of assistants that did all the hard work. Then he came in at the end and touched it up with a few strokes of brilliance. An assistant. That'd be nice.