Kibwe: You have any idea what you have done?
Eric: He was a dick.

Bill: Roman is no longer with us.
General: How?
Eric: He couldn't get with the program so he had to go.

Jason: You gonna be ok?
Sookie: Kind of strange to find out you were sold to a vampire 300 years ago.

Save room for dessert. I ain't gonna tell ya'll what it is, but best believe it's gonna be flamin.


Are we seriously siting here discussing education reform?


Emma! You know daddy does not like it when you're human. Do you want Nigel to eat you?


We're not runnin, no one fu-ks with us in our house.


Jason: Hey imagine if someone could read all these?
Sookie: He wrote a bunch of them too.

I love yah Bubba.


Please take this hurt away from me so that I can go on and have my life.


We procreate because we want to not because some di-khead dipped in afterbirth told us to.


Pam: Thanks for the suggestion but we prefer to do things the old fashioned way.
Elijah: Yeah you and Blockbuster Video.

True Blood Season 5 Quotes

Pam: She smells.
Sookie: Is that bad?
Pam: Can't imagine it's good.

Fangs are basically like twin hard-ons.