Carol: Time for bed young lady, you've been watching TV for hours now.
Zoe: It's not even that late...chill.
Carol: You did not just tell me to chill child!
Abe: That girl is giving your mother a run for her money.

Randall: Look we all have bad days as parents. I've had some doozies and you will too.
Kate: You've had some doozies?
Randall: It's hard to believe but yeah. Look all you can do is pack the days with as much good stuff as possible and hope it outweighs the bad. You hope that the good stuff sticks. That's what he did for us.

You drove a long way so the least I could do was tell you about Jack's tongue and groove word. And, um, you guys were all he ever wanted.


Kevin is harder to define. I know he seems like he has it all. He's tall, he's handsome and he seems so confident but really underneath all that he's just a sensitive little boy and he's had a really tough year.


Kevin: He's getting hammered with a gun next to him at his trailer and I just offered him Pringles.
Randall: Pringles are pretty great.
Kevin: Don't be funny right now.
Randall: I'm not, I really like Pringles.

Nicky: You waste your time coming here. Please, leave.
Kate: No. Sir, I didn't want to come here and I didn't want to know these answers, but my brother has literally traveled around the world and back to learn about our dad and it's led him here. So, we're not going anywhere.
Nicky: Yeah, you're Jack's kids alright.

Kevin: My brother's adopted.
Randall: That's true.
Kevin: Explains why he's black.
Randall: That's also true.

Annie: Do you think dad will bring Nikky home like he brought grandpa William?
Rebecca: No, I don't think so honey.
Tess: I mean, he sure likes bringing people home though, just saying.

Kevin: Mom, Kate, do you want to join our little road movie? It'll be fun. It'll be like Butch and Sundance and Thelma and Louise. And you can pick whatever character you want. It doesn't matter to me, I'm not locked into one, in particular, I'm totally fluid on that. I'm Sundance.
Randall: I know you are.
Kevin: Yeah!

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Babe, we're starting a new family, our family. And no we don't have all your favorite action figures to pass down and no we don't have my handmade football stadium. But babe, we come with us. You don't need to pass down your favorite thing to your son because I know with every part of me that you are going to be our son's favorite thing.


You know one day I'm going to be an old man, laying in bed with a pink blanket pulled over me. Maybe the pink blanket's pale, I can't remember. Anyway, do you know what I'm going to be thinking about? It's not about this election. I'm going to be thinking about blueberry pie. I'm going to be thinking about making gingerbread trains with my four favorite girls. It's family that makes me special, you four are what makes me great. And I'm sorry if I haven't done a good job of showing you that enough lately.


All that stuff you worry about, having balance. In my experience, there's one key piece to that puzzle. I just hope the universe puts the right person in your path like your mom was for me. You know someone who brings out all the good stuff, your best stuff because by god son, what a force you will be.


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We don't work when we are apart, but together baby, together we set the world on fire.


I don't need anniversaries to see you. I see you every day. You are my daily meteor shower.