Randall: My mom -- my adopted mom -- sings.
Jack: Randall.
Randall: Speaking of, can you tell me about my biological mom?
William: You know how it feels when you take a sip of something hot? That was your mom.

Randall: What's wrong? Mom, you're really freaking me out.
Rebecca: Sweetheart, when you were a baby, I met your birth father.

Hey guys, listen to me. We're all gonna be fine. We're here, we're together. That's all that matters.


Rebecca: My life has been full of next times, things I assumed I would get to eventually. But now I realize I am running out of time to do them. Let's face it, guys, I'm losing my memory.
Randall: Mom -
Rebecca: No, let me finish. I want to spend whatever good years I have left with my family. I want to spend it walking on red carpets. I want to make up for all of my next times.

Randall: I was just trying to give her some hope.
Kevin: And I was trying to keep her from losing her mind for one evening. This whole thing is about how you can't wrap your mind around the idea that I might actually know what's best for Mom.

Sometimes I believe I'm completely fine and then I forget a stupid word at the most embarrassing moment.


Randall: Were you trying to set Mom up with that guy?
Kevin: I don't know. Maybe.
Randall: She seems upset. Maybe I'd better go after her.
Kevin: She's a grown woman. My God, Randall. You gonna spend the rest of your life worrying about her?

Kevin: Kirby used to play back in the day. He's a famous musician.
Rebecca: Really?
Kirby: Oh no, no. Kevin is being incredibly kind. I was in an Aero Speedwagon cover band.

I can't believe we're lost in New York. All we need is a crazy pigeon lady and I'll be just like McCauley Caulkin in Home Alone.


Rebecca: Hey Kevin, can I ask you something?
Kevin: Of course.
Rebecca: Can I walk the red carpet with you tonight? I never wanted to do that, but it seems a shame to waste this dress.

Rebecca: Kevin and his classmates are all going to be monologuing.
Randall: Kevin should be good at that. He's been monologuing his entire life.

Randall: All right, Kev, the reason I'm coming to New York is that I have something I need to talk to Mom about in person.
Kevin: And you want to support me, right?

This Is Us Quotes

And don't get it twisted sis. I wake up every morning next to a headscarf and coconut oil. I'm married to a black queen. Not that it's any of your business.


Kate: Promise we'll always be hot for each other.
Toby: Easiest promise I'll ever make.