Rebecca: I want today to be perfect for you in every way that you've ever dreamed about. And I know that sometimes I can make you, you know, so I just want to stay out of your way, okay?
Kate: Mom, I know that our stuff, it can be complicated, sometimes, but it's because all that I've ever wanted was to be like you. I want to be a singer like you, I want to be a mom like you, I want to have a marriage like yours. Mom you are not in my way, you are my way.

This is a disaster Randall. This is huge. We lost the bride on the wedding day. That's like the number one don't for wedding coordinators.


Randall: Oh man, she's crazy.
Kevin: Yeah man, don't let me sleep with her.

Beth: Man, she's mean.
Randall: I miss Deja classic. No, Deja classic was when we first met her and she was all quiet and sully. I miss Deja 2.0 when she was all used to us and sweet and she told me all my jokes were corny but secretly she liked 'em.

Hope you're enjoying your last day as my fiancee because by this time tomorrow you're going to be my straight-up wife.


The next time you find a bed that feels a little safe, don't blow it.


We'll get it right this time Deja.


Deja: Oh my god, you're still so corny.
Randall: Like I'm on a cob, baby.

Do you know how many beds I've slept in? I don't. Cause by the year I turned nine I lost count. At least he only hit. We could have stayed in those beds for years. Now, we'll get separated. It's like a storm once it starts Deja, bed after bed after bed. Before, at least we had each other. At least we weren't alone.


I don't need anniversaries to see you. I see you every day. You are my daily meteor shower.


Kate: You found me.
Randall: Wasn't very hard. Only person still drinking Cosmos in 2018.
Kate: Carrie Bradshaw — that girl is timeless and so are her favorite cocktails.

Oh no-no-no. The Brothers Pearson are all mine this weekend. I got one scoop of dark chocolate Pearson, and one scoop of creamy vanilla Pearson and I'm gonna be the ruddy strawberry that brings it all together, baby.


This Is Us Quotes

You didn't just make something resembling lemonade my dear, you made one of the sweetest damn pitchers of lemonade I ever saw.

Dr. Nathan

In my experience Kevin, there is no such thing as a long time ago. There's only memories that mean something and memories that don't.

Sylvester Stallone