Jack: I think if I saw you in high school, everything else would just disappear. All of a sudden, none of it would've mattered. Not my dad's drinking or my parent's fighting. I would've walked right up to you and said hi. And that would've been it. Happily ever after.
Rebecca: Really? Just like that?
Jack: Just like that.

Sophie: Are you okay? I'm only asking because when you broke up with me I spent a lot of time wondering if you were okay. I also wanted to kill you. Like 50 percent wondering, and 50 percent wanting to kill. More like 70-30.
Kevin: Seventy percent wondering if I was okay and 30 percent wanting to kill me?
Sophie: No.

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I called you four times Beth. What did you turn your phone off so you didn't have to deal with me, while you're busy standing me up? If you had told me something was this important to you, heaven and earth couldn't have stopped me from being there, but maybe that's the difference between us, I don't know. I hope it was worth it, okay? I hope your off having fun, talking about how to teach bored housewives how to twirl. Grow the hell up, Beth.


When I look at Jack, I am scared as hell of his tubes and his tape too. But then I look at his eyes and I see that his left is a tiny smidge bigger than his right, like yours. And I see a tiny crease above his chin like mine. I see us.


Miguel, why don't you just relax and understand that Randall gets the final say in our family. He's the moral center over here. He's de facto hero dad. In fact, I'm surprised he's not back there trying to deliver Kate's baby with his bare hands right now.


Randall: I know I'm all up in your business. I was just wondering if Dr. Monre is with my sister, Kate Pearson.
Nurse: The doctor will talk to you once he's out of surgery.
Randall: Cool, cool, cool, cool. I'm sorry, what does that mean? Does the doctor have something to say?
Nurse: The doctor will come and update you with any news.
Randall: Sorry, I just need some clarity.
Nurse: If the doctor has an update, he will share it with you.
Randall: You realize you just said the same thing three times just with different words.
Nurse: Just as you've been asking me the same question.
Randall: Copy that.

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Rebecca: How is Kate?
Toby: Amazing, through the whole thing.
Rebecca: When can we go see her?
Toby: I don't know as soon possible, hopefully. She asked to see Miguel first.
Miguel: Really?
Toby: No, not really. Sorry, that was my poor attempt at some humor. I'm really tired.

Oh my god, I already love him so much this is insane. I would murder someone for him, Toby. Like a full-on dragon.


Toby: But you know who is coming? Hint: he looks like Chris Hemsworth had a baby with the other Hemsworth.

Damn, woman. How am I supposed to keep my head on straight with you all up on that island?


Toby it's me. Listen, I'm in the car with Kate and, uh, her water just broke. I really think we should call an ambulance. [pause] Because I can't drive right now. [pause] Because I've been drinking all day.


Hey, I know the answer. What's going to happen to us? As long as we stay in each other's lives, we'll be okay.


This Is Us Quotes

Randall: Look we all have bad days as parents. I've had some doozies and you will too.
Kate: You've had some doozies?
Randall: It's hard to believe but yeah. Look all you can do is pack the days with as much good stuff as possible and hope it outweighs the bad. You hope that the good stuff sticks. That's what he did for us.

Rebecca: I had to put the lingerie on on top of my clothes.
Jack: I see that.
Rebecca: It wasn't a great moment for me.