Alden: Alexandria taken in another stray?
Earl: No, they are under lockdown.
Alden: They brought them to us before.

She trusted me to keep our chats mano-a-mano and you just made me break my promise. Now, go before I say something I truly regret.


Lady: Don't tell anyone yet.
Eugene: Will do, Waterloo. I promise.

Carol: Please don't hate me.
Daryl: I'm never gonna hate you.

Rosita: The last whisperer we had in here.
Gamma: You killed him?
Gabriel: No. I did.
Rosita: He was the one your people sent to spy on us. He killed my baby's father two days ago.

Alpha: Can you see beyond the darkness? Into the light?
Daryl: No.
Alpha: I'm tingling with joy. As I see the ones who brought me, all around us. Standing there, thank you.

Alpha wants me alive. Step towards me.


Gamma: I'm the one that knows Aaron.
Gabriel: We know who you are.
Gamma: The people you sent out, they're in trouble. They're trapped in a cave where Alpha has placed her horde. They could still be in there, they might have gotten out, I don't know.
Gabriel: You said the hord was in a field.
Gamma: It was.
Gabriel: Now it's in a cave?
Gamma: She moved it.
Gabriel: The whole thing, right before they got there?
Gamma: I'm just telling you what happened.
Gabriel: I'm not sure you are.
Gamma: I'm trying to help.
Rosita: Why?
Gamma: The baby that they left at Hilltop, he was my nephew, and I would do anything to see him again.
Gabriel: Where's the baby's mother?
Gamma: Dead.

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We got more skins.


Go ahead and say it to me. I deserve it. You need to say it to me. You were right about everything. Just say it. No, please. You cared about her and now she's gone because of me. Please, just say it. Please, say it. Please.


Aaron: Daryl. Daryl. It would take us a week to clear this.
Daryl: Then help me.
Kelly: We can't. This blast is going to call walkers and whisperers from a 100 miles from here. We don't want our backs pressed against this mountain when they come. We can't save them if we're dead.
Aaron: Come on.

Daryl: Go home. Tell the others we found the horde.
Aaron: Where are you going to be?
Daryl: They got out before us, there's got to be another way in.