Our life is one, big proverbial coin toss.


Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you not being the dumbest brother on Earth?


Damon: All this over one girl.
Stefan: She's a pretty special girl.
Damon: Yeah, she is.

Klaus: That's impossible.
Tyler: Is it? Or maybe real love is stronger than fake loyalty.

How many dessicated hybrids does it take to screw in a light bulb?


If I choose one of you, I lose the other. And I've lost so many people, I can't bear the thought of losing you.


Klaus: How did you break it?
Tyler: By breaking every bone in my body a hundred times for the girl I love.

You know once you choose a Salvatore, you'll destroy their bond.

Klaus [to Elena]

Damon and I have been through a Hell of a lot worse than you.

Stefan [to Klaus]

I'd turn my back on everyone here to make sure Elena's safe.


If and might. Your words inspire such confidence.


Stop trusting vampires!

Alaric [to Elena]

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Quotes

Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe. That lie, will haunt me, forever.


It's Mystic Falls, nothing bad ever happens here.