Yeah, well you get the idea. Crushed it, literal mic drop.


Enzo: Bit harsh, love.
Bonnie: I didn't know you were here.
Enzo: Well, when you're in this state, it's quite easy.
Bonnie: He earned it, I hate him.

Stefan: Bonnie.
Bonnie: There's nothing you can say.

Damon: Hold that thought.
Kai: Holding.

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Bonnie: I hope you're not going to set me on fire. I know that's what you do.
Cade: That would not be a good way to start our lesson.

Did it sound like she missed me?


Bonnie: What do you need?
Damon: I'm just calling to make sure you're okay.
Bonnie: I'm not, but you left me nine voicemails this morning, so you obviously need something.

Caroline: What can I do for you Mr. Donovan?
Matt: I need your help.
Caroline: Even though I'm part of the darkness that's ruining Mystic Falls?

Damon: Have a little faith, huh?
Alaric: Why don't you save that question for someone who has never killed you.

Damon: Were you in hell?
Alaric: Yeah, you saved me. I think I'm on the waitlist for heaven, but they haven't called.

Alaric: You murdered my wife.
Kai: Fiance. It was mid-ceremony if I remember it.

Kai: Hey, where am I?
Waiter: Mystic Falls... the grill.
Kai: [Laughs] Is it too late to order food?

Vampire Diaries Quotes

Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe. That lie, will haunt me, forever.


Dear Elena, yes you heard that correctly. Hell has frozen over. I'm writing it all down. Granted, I'm half a bottle in thanks to my 1950 Chateau Cheval Blanc, a bottle I waited 65 years to open. I used to spend nights sitting in my wine cellar convincing myself I could hear it age, tannins growing, fermenting, but appreciating its beauty didn't make time go by any faster. The bottle just laid there on its shelf, torturing me while I waited for Katherine and time stood still. Eventually I convinced myself that no sip of that wine could ever taste as good as I dreamt it would. And that is the story of why I drink bourbon. I don't know who I am without you, but I know that as long as I'm with you, time will stand still. So who is Damon Salvatore without Elena Gilbert? A selfish friend, a jealous brother, a horrible son? Or maybe with a little luck, I'll do right by you. Because you may be a thousand miles away or a hundred years away, but you're still here with me and my heart is right there in that coffin with you. Until you come back to me.