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Damon: There's something you should know. Stefan didn't screw us over, well he screwed us over but he had a good reason. He saved Klaus to save me.
Elena: What? Why would he even do that?
Damon I don't know... I feel like such an idiot.
Elena: Why?
Damon: For thinking that for one second I wouldn't have to feel guilty anymore.
Elena: What are you talking about? Guilty for what?
Damon: For wanting what I want.

I hate witches. They’re so fickle and passive aggressive.


Klaus: My sister has gone missing.
Damon: Cute. Blonde bombshell. Psycho. Shouldn't be too hard to find.

Vampires, hybrids and originals? No problem. My rebellious brother? I'm worried.


Human life is just a means to an end. Our means, to our end.


None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive.


Elena: He's gonna kill Jeremy.
Stefan: Not really my problem.

You go after Klaus, you're gonna have to be cut throat and devious. And I'm so much better at that than you.


Rick, hey. When did you return to the living?

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