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I don't really pursue younger women. It's a joke, Ric. Lighten up.


Stefan: Are you actually gonna be careful for once?
Damon: Yes, I've become you. How tragic for both of us. Gotta run. Have a murder to plan. Busy day.

I saw the vampire who killed me. I recognized him. It was Stefan Salvatore.

Journal entry

If you so as much make a move to cross me, I'll kill you and kill everyone in this house.


Who wants to die next?


Elena: It sounds like you were a monster.
Stefan: I was.

Damon: You sound about jealous. Does he sound about jealous?
Andie: You kind of do.

Damon: You get anything out of Elijah?
Alaric: No, it was boring. Of course, Jenna thinks he's charming.

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