They headhunted you? The village idiot?


Luther: Look, the good news is that we restored the timeline and we stopped doomsday so-
Diego: Yeah, a bunch of real goddamned heroes, we let Kennedy die.

Ben: Listen, um, I need to go back.
Klaus: What? No! Why? You just got here.
Ben: I know. But there’s a light, and they told me to walk into it.
Klaus: That thing? Pfft. Don’t worry about it. You can go whenever you want.

The Umbrella Academy has failed one of their own, the consequences of which are dire. Hold onto this feeling, children. Let it fester in your hearts, so there is never a next time.


The world is full of injustice. Good people die along with the bad. This cosmic equation will never change unless evil itself is wiped from existence.


Recall all personnel from the field. We’re going to war.


Man: Our little Kennedy problem is solved.
Reginald: He was not to be touched. That was the deal.
Man: Well, he had to go, one way or the other. Pissed off too many people.

The thing about fish, AJ, is they’re no match for a shark.


Carl: We were just fine till that Russian she-devil showed up.
Sissy: We weren’t fine, Carl. Jesus! Saying a lie over and over doesn’t make it true.

Ben: I’ve been holding on as long as I can in here, but…
Vanya: You shouldn’t have come for me.
Ben: Vanya, I died 17 years ago. All the rest of this, these years with Klaus. It’s all been gravy. At least this time I get to say goodbye.

You aren’t a monster. You’re my sister. And right now, our siblings are risking everything out there trying to save you. You aren’t alone at the table anymore Vanya. You can do this.


I don’t deserve to live. I killed Pogo. I almost killed Allison. I destroyed the world. I’m a monster.


The Umbrella Academy Quotes

Elliott: It's all true, yeah? UFOs... crop circles?!
Five: Well, the truth is out there.

They're gone like a fart in the wind.