There are no children here. The Beacon is very clear about this. None of us are advanced enough in the work to have children. I think he's right.


Woman: Should that, should that, what happened in there, should that be a part of the work?
Vera: Every experience is a part of the work. You know that. Why? Are you upset?

Vera: There's your cruel streak. I knew it was in there somewhere.
Harry: I do get cranky listening to analysis while we're wandering around in the woods.

And underneath that rage, if you could just taste what's there, what would it be?


Harry: Who's on the mantle?
Vera: The Beacon. He was the leader of Mosswood back when Mosswood had a leader. This was his cabin.
Harry: What time's he expected home?
Vera: He's gone now, but he did most of his writing and meditating right here in this room.

Harry: Are you playing games with me? Huh? Is that it?
Vera: Finally. There you are.

Vera: Julian is a new kind of man, at one with nature, fluid with all of the darkness and all of the light.
Harry: You're never going to show me what the work actually is, are ya?
Vera: You've already been doing it.

Harry: OK. Why didn't you report it?
Vera: I've learned that to protect and to serve doesn't apply to Mosswood. I have my own resources.

Vera: I've been reading about your work on the Cora Tanetti case.
Harry: People tend to make more of that than they should.
Vera: My interpretation of that was you went beyond the call for her. Why did you do that?
Harry: I could tell that she had a story.

Adam and Bess were not saving Julian, they were abducting him, but you never thought of that did you. Julian was defending himself.


Jack: I don't like this Mosswood stuff. I don't want it opening new wounds.
Heather: I'm fine, dad. Don't worry.

Remember who you are, OK?


The Sinner Quotes

Cora: No. I've never met him before.
Det. Leroy: Then why kill him?
Cora [sneers]: Because they were playing that music and they were turnin' it up.

Ron: You should go to the station.
Lorna: You need to eat something.