I'm gonna find a witness who was there. Now we have motive. Now you have a defense.


It was you. I remember your eyes. I know you did it for your son.


Look, I'm sorry this Tennetti angle didn't work out. It was still good police work.


I'm more free now than I ever was with you.


I know how much you've given up for me all these years, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry I let you do it. And you have, you have to think of yourself.


Maddie, getting pregnant doesn't make you better. Neither does getting pregnant. Now go home.


No, listen. You are waiting for him to ride up and choose you. That's not your game because you're a giant. You could, you could fuck up anybody you wanted. You could have anything you wanted. Do you even know that?


I feel like I've always known you. I look at you, and it feels right.


Are you not entertained?


Phoebe: What happened to you? Something happened 'cause you're so sad.
Maddie: No, I'm not.
Phoebe: Yes, you are. It's all around you. I'm so sorry.

Cora: She depends on me.
JD: Cora, if Phoebe really cared about you, she'd let you go. She'd tell you to go live your life. Has she ever said anything like that? You know why? She wants your life for herself. She's a vampire and as long as you stay with her, you'll be a shell.

Cora: You've given up.
Ambrose: No, I haven't. I've hit a wall, that's all.
Cora: With the case or with yourself?

The Sinner Quotes

Cora: No. I've never met him before.
Det. Leroy: Then why kill him?
Cora [sneers]: Because they were playing that music and they were turnin' it up.

Ron: You should go to the station.
Lorna: You need to eat something.