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There is no over the top, there is no over the top.

Gaga dancers (chanting)

Gaga: Never forget, you're all my little monsters.
Moe: Actually, I'm half monster, half Armenian. Pick your poison.

Lisa, what you did is like my mother sticking ten bucks in her own g-string.


I cheat on my diet, but nobody knows cause the damage is on the inside and the first warning sign is sudden death.


Without awards show, how would I know what movie has the best beheading or that Glee is a comedy?


Ah he's a dumb kid, but he's an above average dog. Roll over, son!

Wiggum (on Ralphie)

Ned: Well sir, now we'll have an open marriage.
Edna: Um, you do know what that means?
Ned: No, but I"m sure Newt Gingrich wouldn't steer us wrong.

Hmmm...historically inaccurate.


Homer: People here do not respect boundaries.
Ned: Homer, did you just buckle your belt through my loop?

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