What am I, Google? Do your own research.


Nolan: I can tell what you’re thinking.
Harper: Doubt it.
Nolan: You’re working out how to kill me without your body cam catching it.
Harper: Yeah, actually, that is what I was thinking.

Wesley: Angela, you’re my best friend and you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. You make me laugh, and cry sometimes. I fell in love with you the second I met you and I have been falling every second since. Will you marry me?
Angela: Yes.

You are a great Dad. With everything that I put you through, you could have turned Lila against me but you didn’t. You’ll never know how much that means to me.


Lopez: I am tired, stressed, and emotional. If you make me chase your ass through this hotel, believe me, you will pay.
Jackson: I thought you were scary during the day shift.

Nolan: What do you think it means that Grace doesn’t want me to meet her son?
Harper: That she’s a good mother who is putting her child’s welfare before everything and everyone else.
Nolan: So not that she’s not that into me.
Harper: Are you kidding me? No, she digs you. It seems to be her only flaw.

Bradford: Flush it out into the open and I’ll end it.
Chen: You can’t kill it.
Bradford: What the hell are we supposed to do with it, snuggle?

Valerie: You shouldn’t let him talk to you like that.
Lucy: He’s my training officer. It’s just kind of his style.
Valerie: Being an ass isn’t style, but he sure can wear a suit.

Nolan: It seems strange to thank you for returning money that you stole from me.
Jordan: It’s been that kind of a day.

Jordan: You’re some kind of nut job. I steal your identity and make your life a living hell and then you save my life.
Nolan: That’s my job.

I can’t believe this. I started working when I was 19-years-old. It took me 20 years but I built a business, a family, a life and now here I am starting over with literally less than nothing.


I don’t know where Rachel and I are headed but I want to find out and if you really care about your daughter you won’t get in the way of her happiness.


The Rookie Quotes

Grief is grief. It’s a hole that can’t be filled but over time it will shrink enough so that you won’t fall in every time you take a step. If there’s one thing you can use to make you a better cop, it will be her life, not her death.

Officer Bradford

I love Rookie Day. It’s Christmas and the Purge in one.

Officer Bradford