This is not a costume. I am a police officer. Filing a report is his right.


Harper: You can’t come at this like you are some kind of savior.
Nolan: You mean white savior. Look, that’s the last thing I’m trying to be but what am I supposed to do? How can I be an ally to the people that live here?
Harper: Stop pretending like you know what they need and just ask.

With all due respect, screw Tim. Yeah, and all the other T. O.s. You know, I am so sick of being on the bottom of the food chain. Of always jumping through somebody else’s hoops.


Nolan: You shouldn’t have to trade a place to play for safety.
James: No, we shouldn’t, but we do.

Bradford: Congratulations.
Chen: On what?
Bradford: On your first puppy. Every rookie adopts a puppy at some point. Someone they think they can save. Honestly, I’m surprised it took you this long.
Chen: Did you have a puppy?
Bradford: That’s not relevant here.

Wesley: Is everything all right?
Angela: No, everything is a dumpster fire. Two cops are dead and I’m here to get a warrant on a friend of mine.
Wesley: Is there anything else bothering you?

At the end of the day we only think we know other people. I learned that the hard way.


Forget about your job, Nolan. I’m trying to keep you out of prison.


Jackson: You said that Nolan came to your house to kill you.
Armstrong: Yeah.
Jackson: But first he told you about a bunch of evidence hidden at his place. Why would he waste time doing that?
Armstrong: Nolan’s a talker. You know him.
Jackson: Yeah, I do, but he’s not a boaster and he’s definitely not stupid.

Angela: You know I peed on that, right?
Wesley: Angela.
Angela: I’m just saying, you might want to wash your hands.

If I can’t handle talking to Rosalind while she’s in a cage, I shouldn’t be a cop.


To be clear, receiving a Letter of Reprimand as a rookie is almost certain to keep you from advancing in the department. So any hopes of joining a specialized unit or making detective should be abandoned. Given those constraints, you’ll have to decide if the life of a patrol officer is good enough for you.

Sgt. Grey

The Rookie Quotes

Nolan: I can’t live my life like that, always being suspicious of people, seeing the world as dangerous.
Bradford: The world is dangerous. Being vigilant is the price of admission.

I love Rookie Day. It’s Christmas and the Purge in one.

Officer Bradford