Nyla: I don’t answer to you, 5%.
Nolan: No, you don’t but if you are committed to making this an antagonistic relationship, don’t expect me to roll over and take it.

Those kids took away her dignity, tortured her for fun. She deserves a little compassion.


Sgt. Grey: She’s spent the last four years neck-deep in paranoia and adrenaline. Lying every time she opened her mouth. Striking out at any sign of aggression. Now don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for her service but transitioning back into a uniform, that’s going to be a bitch.
Nolan: So you made her my T.O.?
Sgt. Grey: I didn’t have much say in that matter. She would eat a 25-year-old recruit alive. At least you stand a chance.

Nolan: You really think we’re going to need an AR-15?
Nyla: I sure hope so.

Nolan: Because when people are having their worst day I want to be there to try and help make it right.
Nyla: Oh God, you’re one of those.
Nolan: One of what?
Nyla: A guardian. There are two kinds of cops, Officer Nolan. Warriors and guardians. One’s a hunter, the other’s a nurturer. One is only alive when they’re in the fight, the other is happy to clock out after twelve. One is worth my time, the other is not.

Nolan: Why the game?
Nyla: Because I wanted to see if you could play.

Nyla: Wife left you. Kid left you. Nothing like a gun in hand to make you feel powerful again.
Nolan: No, that’s not why at all.

Grey: Is there a problem, Smitty?
Smitty: Oh no, sir. I just love playing Whack-a-mole.
Grey: It’s true. Knockdown a problem spot it can pop back up anywhere but that’s the job, right? And since you’re so excited about doing it, I think you should share your excitement with Officer West out there today.
Smitty: Seriously?
West: Seriously?
Grey: Yeah, seriously.

Rookies. You all think you can change the world.


I was married for 20 years. Nothing usually means a whole lot of something.


West: It can’t be worse than today.
Smitty: Oh, it can always get worse.

Angela: Only a rich person would think turning down money is a noble idea. I wore my brother’s hand-me-downs until I was 15. My mom worked two jobs and so did we once we reached high school.
Wesley: So, you think less of me?
Angela: Are you kidding? Your mom and I already started planning the wedding. California is a no fault divorce state so if you ever felt like doing me a solid…

The Rookie Quotes

I love Rookie Day. It’s Christmas and the Purge in one.

Officer Bradford

Stacy: Happy Divorce Day!
John: That’s not a thing.
Stacy: It should be. When mine went through I took the boys to Disneyland.
John: I’m not really feeling the Matterhorn.
Stacy: Try and look at this as an opportunity.
John: Right now I’m just trying to remember to wear pants.