Nolan: It seems strange to thank you for returning money that you stole from me.
Jordan: It’s been that kind of a day.

Jordan: You’re some kind of nut job. I steal your identity and make your life a living hell and then you save my life.
Nolan: That’s my job.

I can’t believe this. I started working when I was 19-years-old. It took me 20 years but I built a business, a family, a life and now here I am starting over with literally less than nothing.


I don’t know where Rachel and I are headed but I want to find out and if you really care about your daughter you won’t get in the way of her happiness.


How’s that for luck? You stole a cop’s identity.


Colin: You know back in Sweethome a good street cop would know every crook on his beat. We called it beat integrity.
Bradford: Well, much easier in a town with nine criminals.

Bradford: He’s gonna love me. Colin was a sheriff for 30 years.
Lucy: Yeah, in a town with two stoplights.
Bradford: LA or Mayberry, a cop’s a cop.
Lucy: No, he’s from Sweethome, not Mayberry.
Bradford: No, I know. Mayberry, like the TV show.
Lucy: What TV show?

If we can’t obey every rule then how can we expect that from citizens?


Okay, you have a singular way of making me feel a thousand years old.


I love this job more than I imagined I could. The day I stop giving it my all is the day I walk away.


With all due respect, I have been buried alive by a serial killer. This rabbit hole does not scare me.


There are casualties in every war. You just really don’t want the next one to be you.


The Rookie Quotes

I love Rookie Day. It’s Christmas and the Purge in one.

Officer Bradford

Stacy: Happy Divorce Day!
John: That’s not a thing.
Stacy: It should be. When mine went through I took the boys to Disneyland.
John: I’m not really feeling the Matterhorn.
Stacy: Try and look at this as an opportunity.
John: Right now I’m just trying to remember to wear pants.