Isabel, you've worked here long enough to know that I am the doctor. You are the nurse, so you can run a new damn panel on Lily, or I can take it up with your supervisor.


See, this has always been your problem, Hawkins. You think your way is the only way.


I don't do people.


Devon: Nic, do you think, maybe, that you're allowing your personal feelings for Lane cloud your judgment? It's no secret that you two don't get along.
Nic: No, I'm doing my job. A job that Lane threatened by the way, so you just keep your eye on Lily. You're her doctor, that's your job.

I don't capitalize off of people's misfortune. That's the difference between us.


Winthrop: You look well. Atlanta suits you.
Conrad: Why are you here, Dad?
Winthrop: I'm looking for worthwhile investment opportunities.
Conrad: It's been over a decade since we last spoke, and you suddenly show up. What's the real reason?
Winthrop: You were always suspicious.
Conrad: And you were always a narcissist.

Irving: What happened to him?
Mina: I did.

This is a mortality and morbidity conference, Dr. Okafor, to ensure that an event like this--a horrific and preventable medical error-- doesn't happen again.

Dr. Leonard

Mina: Change this dumb music. [Moore changes from classical to hip-hop] Did you pick that because I'm black?
Nurse Moore: I picked it because it's awesome.
Mina: [hums in agreement]

Conrad: What are you doing here?
Conrad's father: I came to see you. You look good son.

Bell: When a doctor questions the practices and it's physicians to the extent that Dr. Leonard is doing, it has a detrimental effect. Wouldn't you agree?
Claire: Consider it handled.
Claire: And Dr. Okafor?
Bell: One of the most gifted surgical residents I've ever seen. She is invaluable.

It's my duty to train the next generation of elite surgeons, and on this day, the one in question, I pushed Dr. Okafor to exceed my expectations, and sadly, on this day, she simply wasn't ready.


The Resident Quotes

I hate charming people. Their main goal is to make you like them. They're narcissists, and once you see through them, the charm disappears they cut you and then move onto the next conquest.


Conrad: Everything you thought you knew about medicine is wrong. All the rules you followed will break. I have only one rule, it covers everything. I'm never wrong. You do whatever the hell I tell you, no questions asked.
Devon: Do you want me to speak now?
Conrad: That's a question.