Lawyer: Isn't it true that you have a history of deviating from protocol?
Conrad: I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to suggest that I put my patient at risk, but you don't know a damn thing about medicine.

Devon: Tests don't like; alcoholics do.
Conrad: Yeah, maybe sober companions too.

Keep me happy, Randolph!


Don't be too hard on yourself. Time for a gut check. It's not too late to go into Dermatology.


I love you too, and I really do things can be different this time.


Marshall: Goodnight, son.
Conrad: Goodnight, dad.

Marshall: You may not believe this but I have no ill intent stating a saline factory.
Conrad: I believe it.
Marshall: I want to take the olive branch, but why?
Conrad: I want people to believe I changed, so I have to consider you changed too.

AJ: This might be our last dance, Okafor.
Mina: If Bell was going to fire you, it would have happened. So, not our last dance.

Conrad: You make me want to be a better person, that's why I love you.
Nic: I know that Conrad, and I know that you believe everything that you said.
Conrad: If this is going to work, I need you to believe that too.

The way that you handle things scares me.


So you bought a factory, with a much larger company just to keep me from winning.


They went through so much. Things change, I'm not sure people can.


The Resident Quotes

Nic: She nearly died
Cain: But she didn't.
Nic: Because we got lucky.
Cain:I don't believe in luck, just talent and fate.
Nic: Caution isn't weakness.
Cain: Risk is part of the job.
Nic: So you risk a little girls life? Why? To impress some donors?
Cain: Again nobody died.
Nic: Even when we do everything we can to prepare, things go wrong. What chance do our patients have if we don't?
Cain: There's a reason they don't name buildings after nurses.

Conrad: Everything you thought you knew about medicine is wrong. All the rules you followed will break. I have only one rule, it covers everything. I'm never wrong. You do whatever the hell I tell you, no questions asked.
Devon: Do you want me to speak now?
Conrad: That's a question.