The United States is the most dangerous country in the developed world to give birth in. There's no excuse for that.


Devon: A tear in her bladder was fixable, and it wouldn't have killed her if she hadn't been ignored.
Bell: And you better believe I'm going to identify whether there is a system of failures that lead to this catastrophe--
Devon: More than that was involved, Dr. Bell
Bell: I know what you're thinking, but I've known Dr. Stewart and Nurse Colby for years, and I've never seen either of them treat a patient differently because of race.
Devon: People can have unconscious biases.
Bell: You're absolutely right.
Mina: This can't happen again.
Devon: Look, I have some ideas to safeguard every mother who comes into this hospital.
Bell: I'm listening.

Devon: Why is it so difficult to look in on Mrs. Davies? I need to make sure she's getting proper care.
Nurse Colby: She's getting the same attention as everyone else.
Devon: Respectfully, it seems to me that she is not.

Devon: Ask yourself, would this have happened if Lea wasn't black?
AJ: Not now, Pravesh.
Devon: Then when?
AJ: This happens far too often to women of every color.
Mina: But it's four times more likely to happen to black women. That's a fact.

AJ: What the hell happened?
Devon: Lea Davies wasn't a priority.

Devon: Tell me you are not that guy.
Stewart: What are you implying?
Devon: That you haven't listened to me or to her husband, and you are not taking this case as seriously as you should.
Stewart: I treat all my patients the same.
Devon: I believe what I see, and in the ER I see you do way more with less information for patients who look like you.

Stewart: How long have you been in the US?
Devon: My entire life. I was born in Jersey.
Stewart: Oh, well, good for you.

Bell: I know, I'm as upset as you are.
Devon: Not a chance. I saw it. I lived it. I'll never forget it.
Mina: Same day we save a mother and son, who by all rights should not have survived, a young healthy woman dies.

I really hope no one came in with holes today.


Conrad: you'd donate a kidney?
Nic: Of course, I would. She's my sister.

Conrad: Looks like we're finally doing this.
Nic: Looks like it. You first.
Conrad: Oh, okay. Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and realized something you never understood before?
Nic: Uh, I guess. I mean not often, but yeah.
Conrad: I'm built to keep moving forward. If there is a mountain, I'll climb it. If there is a race, I'll run it. But what I don't do is stay in the same place...
Nic: That's what you think we're doing.
Conrad: I think, Nic, I think I want something you don't want. Movement towards our future. I'd marry you, Nic, but I don't ask because you don't even want to live together.
Nic: Why are you putting all this pressure on me now?
Conrad: Why is making more of a commitment to me a burden?

Nic: I learned to take care of myself.
Conrad: I think holding up the world is your cross.

The Resident Quotes

Micah's surgery was canceled. His heart was reallocated to Congressman Dunlap.


Conrad: Everything you thought you knew about medicine is wrong. All the rules you followed will break. I have only one rule, it covers everything. I'm never wrong. You do whatever the hell I tell you, no questions asked.
Devon: Do you want me to speak now?
Conrad: That's a question.