Mina: You are a god.
AJ: I'm listening eagerly, but I'm very hungry. Did you get me anything?

Conrad: Don't worry. House is off the table.
Nic: What?
Conrad: I let it go, but we can keep looking. If you still want to.

Conrad: Nic, you've been exposed.
Nic: I know. I'll stay in isolation.

The valve wasn't strong enough for a younger, active patient. Like Bradley.


Nic: Have you had this your whole life?
Inmate: Maybe.
Nic: It's a birthmark.

Thinking outside of the box might make Bell put our medical careers in a pine box.


Handle this discreetly. Rumors of an outbreak are going to fuel the chaos.


Can I panic now?


What we need to do is stop one patient from becoming 1000.


Coroner: Did you want me to write defective valve or operator error on the death certificate?
Bell: Neither. Patient died of heart failure due to underlying disease.

I didn't know Henry had a check-up today. He looks good. So does Zoe.


No one can protect the Raptor from the Raptor. He's benched himself. He will not operate.


The Resident Quotes

I did this for the two of you. This could be my legacy.


You're a little bossy. I like you, so I'll stay, but if you make me wear one of those hideous hospital gowns, we're going to have a problem.