Bell: You're a monster.
Lane: Look around Randolph, either you agree to tell the jury you were wrong about me, or all this disappears.

Conrad: Look, we know we're going up against Goliath itself. True all we got is a slingshot.
Nic: But we have damn good aim.

Conrad: I spent half my life without a father.
Marshall: We're going to fix that.
Conrad: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Conrad: Sorry I wasn't there. I shouldn't have left you.
Marshall: Always taking the weight of the world on your shoulders. Not this time.

Lane took Natalie's choices away. We're giving them back.


Vaccines are going to do more than rosaries. Now I hand out condoms instead of prayers.


Devon: Julian still thinks I got married last night.
AJ: Julian is not returning your texts. Get a grip, bruh. How many did you send? Oh, so you're going for the crazy stalker approach, huh? Listen to me this is not a good look. Stop.

Lane: Whatever secrets you have Randolph, I'll find them. I'll hire a medical detective. I'll depose your whole OR staff.
Bell: Well, my staff will back me up long before they'll support you.

Bell: I'm done being blackmailed.
Lane: You're done when I say you're done.

I can't bring Lily back, but if there is any possible way to fix your legs, I want to find it. Give Dr. Voss and I one hour.


Marshall: Whatever happens, I can't be a burden. That's not my style. You do not have to take care of me.
Conrad: That's what I do Dad.

Who are you? Not the man I loved. Get out. I never want to see you again. Get out!


The Resident Quotes

Bell: You're saying my surgeon broke the valve in the OR.
Gordon: Exactly. The cause of Bradley Jenkins' death is operator error.

Jude: Look, I know your pal. What rules am I going to break?
Conrad: Not break, bend.