Doctor: Is that why you were invited here, Dr. Okafor? To help persuade us?
Mina: I was invited here because I'm black.

Conrad: Dr. Lane Hunter.
Nic: What about her?
Conrad: Tell me everything.

Conrad: I slept with Noni.
Nic: Well, I haven't slept with Jude.

Thank you. By the way, you two make a very cute couple.


It's called eloping when a patient slips away without being discharged.


Devon: Keep this on the DL, we don't want anyone to get suspicious.
Priya: Suspicious of Lane? Should they be?

Conrad: Wilmot, our dedicated attending, he split for the weekend.
Devon: It's Tuesday!

I think he still loves you, Nic. You need to decide if you still love him.


Patients don't know what they want. It's up to doctors to help frame it in a way that's best them.


We gotta treat everyone from sexist to Nazis. That's the gig.


Your baseball player just sent me a picture of a swollen appendage that is definitely not his leg.


Just curious, were any of the patients you interviewed treated by Dr. Hunter?


The Resident Quotes

Douglas: Wait, please don't listen to him!
Cain: Listen to who Douglas?
Douglas: Hades. Listen to me, Douglas Atwater. 

Dr. Conrad Hawkins. I've heard some things, but it's cool.