Devon: Dr. Bell, what are you doing?
Bell: Bradley!

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Conrad: You should go home.
Devon: I don't have one at the moment, and I would rather work.

I wasn't going to mention it because it's a super longshot, but if saint is what you're looking for, I know someone.


He left a fine woman at the altar last night in front of both their families. I have no sympathy.


Boardmember: What's his prognosis?
Bell: It's too soon to tell, but he's alive.

Conrad: We haven't had enough time to sort out our issues, and now, just when I was getting to know my father, I might lose him.
Nic: Hey, don't go there.

Cop: So this is about one of your employees?
Gordon: Julian Booth. She never showed up at work today. She is not the type who would just disappear.
Cop: Do you have reason to believe someone could have hurt her?
Gordon: There's a guy you may want to look into. He's an intern at Chastain. His name is Devon Pravesh.

Marshall: If something like this happens to me again, I don't want my life prolonged by aggressive measures.
Conrad: That's a long way off.
Marshall: I'm serious. I need to know you'll respect my wishes.
Conrad: Of course.
Marshall: Thank you.

Alec: Every time I got close to making things better, I saw another patient lose to a broken system. So yes. It's about the patients for me. But you're crazy if you think you can change things.
Nic: Maybe I am.
Alec: I like crazy.

Devon: Why are you helping me?
Mina: Because you need it

There is so much I can't fix, but this clinic I can do, and I'll do it without you, and don't get me wrong, what your doing is great, but is it really about the patients? It seems like you'd rather rail against a broken system than do anything to change it


Guess what, I am sick and tired of you thinking you have any right to question me. You're a resident who I would love to fire except your father, whose life I just saved thank you very much, would fire me.