Conrad: Do you trust me?
Nigel: Yes. God knows why.
Devon: What are you doing?
Conrad: Wilmot can't test a patient he can't find.

Wilmot: I'm trying to help the patient.
Conrad: Then why don't you try actually listening to him.

Isabel, you've worked here long enough to know that I am the doctor. You are the nurse, so you can run a new damn panel on Lily, or I can take it up with your supervisor.


See, this has always been your problem, Hawkins. You think your way is the only way.


I don't do people.


Devon: Nic, do you think, maybe, that you're allowing your personal feelings for Lane cloud your judgment? It's no secret that you two don't get along.
Nic: No, I'm doing my job. A job that Lane threatened by the way, so you just keep your eye on Lily. You're her doctor, that's your job.

I don't capitalize off of people's misfortune. That's the difference between us.


Winthrop: You look well. Atlanta suits you.
Conrad: Why are you here, Dad?
Winthrop: I'm looking for worthwhile investment opportunities.
Conrad: It's been over a decade since we last spoke, and you suddenly show up. What's the real reason?
Winthrop: You were always suspicious.
Conrad: And you were always a narcissist.

Irving: What happened to him?
Mina: I did.

This is a mortality and morbidity conference, Dr. Okafor, to ensure that an event like this--a horrific and preventable medical error-- doesn't happen again.

Dr. Leonard

Mina: Change this dumb music. [Moore changes from classical to hip-hop] Did you pick that because I'm black?
Nurse Moore: I picked it because it's awesome.
Mina: [hums in agreement]

Conrad: What are you doing here?
Conrad's father: I came to see you. You look good son.

The Resident Quotes

Conrad: Everything you thought you knew about medicine is wrong. All the rules you followed will break. I have only one rule, it covers everything. I'm never wrong. You do whatever the hell I tell you, no questions asked.
Devon: Do you want me to speak now?
Conrad: That's a question.

Bell: I'm Chief of Surgery, and it's the end of a 30-hour shift. What did you see?
Doctor: We're all on the same side here. Maybe he had a heart attack.