York: My mother is my entire life. Do you understand?
Devon: She seems like a very sweet lady.
York: She is a bulldog.

I can't lose this job! Stay away from me!


Nic: Lane has got something bigger to hide.
Conrad: And we're going to figure out what it is.

AJ: Dr. Okafor frightens me in wonderful ways. I want her to be my right-hand.
Bell: My thoughts exactly.

Even just the thought of walking away from medicine brings this overwhelming sense of relief like a weight is lifted.


You have a good night, Nicolette Nevin.

Mystery Man

Mina: His bedside manner is a disaster
Nolan: Think about who's saying that. Sorry.

Mina: Hmm. You're smiling. Keep me out of it.
Conrad: You in?
Devon: Do I have a choice?

Dr. Conrad Hawkins. I've heard some things, but it's cool.


Bradley's Mother: Promise us that he'll be OK.
Mina: Surgeons don't make promises. But I'll make an exception.

Now, we are going to fix your thingie, and then we're going to find you another safer fetish.


AJ: Wow, it's my lucky day.
Patient: Is that good for me?
Mina: No, it's a penile fracture.

The Resident Quotes

Douglas: Wait, please don't listen to him!
Cain: Listen to who Douglas?
Douglas: Hades. Listen to me, Douglas Atwater. 

Dr. Conrad Hawkins. I've heard some things, but it's cool.